Buddha Maitreya the Christ 2.5" Etheric Weaver 7 Set in Gold
2.5" Buddha Maitreya the Christ Etheric Weaver 7 Set

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Blessed by the healing transmission of Monadic, Soul-filled light of Buddha Maitreya the Christ
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The Buddha Maitreya the Christ Etheric Weaver is an effective and simple to use meditation and healing tool that is held like a pendulum and heals by transmitting the blessings off Buddha Maitreya the Christ to awaken the Soul and heal the Etheric Field. The Etheric field is God. It is the pulse and the matrix that holds everything together. Through your humility, you ask God to work through you, not to be in charge of you but to co-create with God. It is the intellect that causes separation and it is through the Etheric Field where the past, present and future the mind, emotions and the physical all come together and can be healed.

The practitioner set of Etheric weavers is designed for practitioners or those wishing to fully apply color therapy into their meditations and healing treatments. Simply select the color you or your client feels most drawn to and gain all the benefits of adding applied color therapy into the treatment. In color therapy there is the ability to attune to the seven major chakras and bring alignment wherever there is an imbalance. The color of the Etheric Weaver resonates as a form of color therapy and has been found to be very vitalizing for the many different needs and qualities of healing that the different colors resonate with and bring into balance.

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All of the Etheric Weavers are made with pure quartz crystal. Some of the crystals have a gel color applied and some, known as Siberian Quartz, are colored.

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Etheric Weavers are simple to use and can be used by anyone for meditation, self-healing or healing others.The Etheric Weaver is based around a 2 1/2�, 3 1/2� or 7� pure quartz crystal, with gold plated, neodymium rare earth magnets placed at the center point. The crystal is wrapped with copper, silver or gold wire. No matter what size or color, the Etheric Weavers all work in a similar way to de-crystallize negative patterns and truly heal mind, body and emotions through healing and revitalizing the Etheric Field and aligning the individual to the unified Soul of Love, �Buddha Nature"

Simply hold the Etheric Weaver and you can feel the Chi flowing into your Body. Use it as a Pendulum and the weaver will move in circular motions and then stop as the energy flows between the body and the Chi, this is also known as a form of Qi Gong. There is no technique or diagnostic focus in using the Etheric Weaver, it works spontaneously in conjunction with the Chi of the Soul, and helps to radiate the light and vitality of one's attunement with God. All of the healing effects are based on the Etheric Field, an energetic field that combines the mental, emotional and physical with the Monad, Soul and Personality as an expression of spiritual self-realization and wellbeing.

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Using the Practitioner Set for Treatments

Play the Buddha Maitreya Incarnation Invocation Blessings Meditation CD called The 7 Rays of God. Ask you client to lay down and relax, if possible on a Metatrons Mat and in one of the Shambhala Ascension Meditation Pyramids. Progress through the full set of weavers allowing each one to spin freely over the body and to stop when it is done. Slowly move the weaver across the area being treated. Do not spin the weaver yourself but allow it to spin freely, on its own. Each time it spins, allow it to continue until it stops.

If the client is ill or in pain, use the clear weaver to choose which weaver is best to use first and than go the area of illness and work there. When the weaver stops, use the clear weaver to indicate or dowse which weaver to use next. Continue with this process until the clear weaver goes through the entire set of weavers or until the clear weaver indicates no other weavers are needed. This is a way to resonate with the person's Soul and helps to release the negative vibrations with vibrations that are healing and cleansing going through the whole color spectrum. Since the 7 Rays of God are what created us, if we use those ray colors and the planetary energy or Chi, the treatment can be very beneficial in healing past karma.An Etheric Weaver treatment with a full spectrum color set of Etheric Weavers can last at least an hour.
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    • 7 Etheric Weavers in a Set - includes full color spectrum (in Siberian Quartz where available) together with Clear, Rainbow and 7 Ray Etheric Weavers
    • Finest quality 2.5" long double terminated and perfectly symmetrical, laboratory grown pure quartz crystals, with the ends cut in the geomancy of the Great Pyramid, provides a photon light source
    • 2 strong gold plated neodymium rare earth magnets placed in the center of each crystal excite the photon light
    • Coated copper wire (upgrade to silver or gold) is wrapped around the crystals to radiate out the light like a radio transmitter.
    • 4" 24k goldplated chain with quartz crystal teardrop
    • Comes with a set of 6 Soul Therapy Music CDs and a beautiful fabric carrying case

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