Buddha Maitreya the Christ 3.5 " Sky Vajra Etheric Weaver - Copper
3.5" Vajra Etheric Weaver Quartz Crystal


Blessed by the healing transmission of Monadic, Soul-filled light of Buddha Maitreya the Christ.

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Crystal Colour

Wire Wrap

Complimentary Soul Therapy® Music


The Vajra Etheric Weavers are designed to be used as both an Etheric Weaver and Vajra. They radiate the healing blessings of Buddha Maitreya the Christ to awaken the Soul and heal the Personality.

The Vajra Weavers are simple to use and can be used by anyone for meditation, self-healing or healing others. The Vajra Weaver is based around a 3 1/2" or 7" pure quartz crystal, with gold plated neodymium rare earth magnets placed at the center point. The crystal is wrapped with copper, silver or gold wire. A single 24k gold or silver plated Sacred Geometric form is placed around the upper part of the crystal in perfect alignment. The Sky Vajra Weaver has two intersecting spheres like a dorje. The Sphere is called the Sky, aligning to God and Heaven on Earth.
When used as an Etheric Weaver the attunement of the sacred geomancy transmits through the healing, aligning the individual to the full relationship of Sacred Form. Meridians have a sacred geometric reality so when working with a sacred geometric tool it helps to align us to the etheric reality that bridges our energy body to our physical body, which is our meridian field. It is literally one sacred geometric tool aligning to another sacred geometric form _ the human body. The geometric form is applied in all sacred things, including temples, and it amplifies the divine order of reality in Heaven and Earth.

The Vajra Weaver also helps to de-crystallize negative patterns, such as addiction, wrong spiritual direction and dependency on many levels, including false expectations, emotional despondency and self doubt.

How to begin using a Vajra Etheric Weaver

For meditation and self-healing, play the accompanying Buddha Maitreya the Christ Incarnation Invocation Blessings CD and begin by holding the Vajra Etheric Weaver by the teardrop over your hand and let it hang freely. Your whole body is mapped out on the palm of your hand through the meridian system making it a good and comfortable place to begin. Close your eyes and relax. Slowly move the weaver across the area being treated. Do not spin the weaver yourself but allow it to spin freely, on its own. Each time it spins, allow it to continue until it stops. The Vajra Etheric Weaver can be passed to anyone to use and does not require cleaning since it constantly transmutes negative energy and self-cleans.
  • Finest quality 3.5" long double terminated, symmetrical laboratory grown pure Clear Quartz Crystal wrapped in Copper
  • 24K Gold Plated Copper Sky Sacred Geometric Orb aligns to the divine order found in nature.

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