A Soul I Walk on Earth CD
A Soul I Walk on Earth CD

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Soul Therapy® Music is Invocations & Blessings by Buddha Maitreya the Yogi Christ for Meditation, Healing & Soul Therapy. The music is blessed by the healing transmission of Monadic, Soul-filled Light of Buddha Maitreya the Christ.

Experience Buddha Maitreya’s Soul Therapy Healing Tools for Meditation and Healing together with His Music which is unlike anything you have ever heard or will ever hear. Immediate blessing from his Voice and Words are so powerful you will know God.

Buddha Maitreya the Yogi Christ has been enthroned by every Lineage of Tibetan Buddhism in Tibet, Nepal and India. Recognized by H.H the Panchen Lama in 1955, as Buddha Maitreya the Tulku Lineage Founder Padmasambhava and Je Tsong Khapa, and Gautama Buddha also best known as Lama Dorje from the Movie Little Buddha, where the story of the American born Buddha is found in America when he was 9 years old. In 1960 at 9 years old, Three High Lamas were sent by the Panchen Lama to his home to collect the Reincarnation of Buddha Maitreya. Since 1984 at 33 years old, Tulku Buddha Maitreya returned to Nepal, Tibet, India and China and in Northern California he has established his Mother Planetary Ashram to the many hundreds of Monasteries under his Direct Mastery as Tulku Buddha Maitreya. Located in Lake County, California, The Shambhala Vajradhara Maitreya Sangha Monastery - designed by Buddha Maitreya as a Sacred Geomancy Planetary Healing Center for Meditation, Dharma Teaching and Soul Therapy.

Buddha Maitreya the Yogi Christ's Soul Therapy Meditation CD's are the same Divine Ceremony of Drum, Tibetan Bowl, Prayer and Ancient Dharma Teaching in his songs that he is best know for in his Monasteries and students around the world. In 2016 Buddha Maitreya the Yogi Christ has decided to share his Sacred Ancient Blessings through his Soul Therapy Meditation Music with the World.

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5 of 5 Meditation Really High Vibration February 7, 2015
Reviewer: EJ from GA  

"I really didn’t expect what I experienced - my knowledge of sacred geometry is so much, I didn't think there was anything I could learn from this. But when His Holiness started talking, the vibration was so high, I thought my gosh it's real! it's not just on a website!

After meditation my whole perception of His Holiness changed - this is not on the level of mind, this is at some completely different level - I am so grateful and so surprised! Thank you Buddha Maitreya. This meditation really caused a shift in me."

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5 of 5 Music is profoundly healing & helps me sleep August 26, 2014
Reviewer: Jolanta Vickers from Lighthouse Florida  
Two years ago when I first started playing Buddha Maitreya's cds - I had a hard time listening.
I didn't give up and just kept using my healing tools and then started listening again. Now I love Buddha Maitreya's voice!
He's not just talking just to talk. I love it. I love it!
It took me two years to understand how profoundly healing his voice, the drums, the prayers are.
Now I feel transformed every time I listen to Buddha Maitreya's cds - I feel the energy and I am very picky.
It's just the best, just the best.
I wasn't sleeping because of various reasons but with Buddha Maitreya's music I can fall asleep right away.
Thank you Buddha Maitreya!

Jolanta Vickers,
Lighthouse, Florida

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5 of 5 Healing my Life with Buddha Maitreya's Blessings December 20, 2012
Reviewer: Brenda McPherson from UK  
I've been using Buddha Maitreya's healing tools for over a year now and it has dramatically improved both my physical and mental state.

I had bad PND after the birth of my 1st child.
Doctors pushed me to take antidepressants, however, I refused as I wanted 2 get over it my self.
I tried every possible source of help I could think of but nothing worked for me.
I wasn't myself anymore and my mental health was deteriorating.

So one night I sat up talking out loud asking and begging god for his help.
A short time after I got into contact with a friend and he was telling me about his etheric weaver how effective it had been on himself.
He gave me a healing and from the moment I felt the powerful healing energy I felt immediately connected and drawn to it's feeling so much love and peace.
I started off with a 3.5inch weaver and have been drawn to different tools from time to time to add to my collection.
I now have four 3.5inch weavers, a metatron mat system which I sleep on every day with 7inch weavers, a solar cross and solar form cross. All of which are with me every day even if I go on holiday.
I have been able to share my tools with friends and family with many positive results. Some of whom have been drawn to buy their own tools as a consequence.

I have experienced wonderful life affirming moments through my own self healing, most importantly whilst meditating at a low point in my own mental health when I feared for my physical health on a daily basis a mans voice both strong and powerful said to me "you are alright.... nothing is going to happen..... cherish your life ...... This is confirmation.
In another experience I had such a realistic vision of Christ whilst on my mat. He was a powerful vision of light and as I was drawn to his light my own body vibrated intensely with the magnitude of his power.

Many beautiful thing's have happened for both myself and my loved ones from having my tools around .
Thank you Buddha Maitreya. I send all my love and thanks for your blessings and the peace and love it has brought to my life.
I will heal myself more with each day that passes and hopefully to others others as well.

Brenda McPherson, UK

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4 of 5 I am on the right path March 8, 2010
Reviewer: Tonya Ward from Omaha, NE  
This is my first experience and contact with the Etheric Weaver about 3 weeks ago.  As I held this precious tool above my hand it began to wiggle and then started moving in tiny circles.  It felt a bit like a feather touching my hand even though it made no direct contact with my skin.  I watched The Weaver as it spun in circles, then in straight line patterns and then I just began to weep, tears poured from my eyes when this Weaver came to a sudden and complete stop.  I continued to hold my hand steady and it started to spin once again.  I know that my soul was touched and I felt such a release and an overwhelming feeling of peace.  On this day I had no need for my daily pain medication or my anxiety medicine that I take daily.  I had complete peace and sense of well being for the next 24 hours following this experience with the Weaver and the soothing music from the cd.  My life has changed since that day.  My car was repossed after I had paid it almost completely off but the final payment I was having trouble making due to my utilities being shut off and all my money had to go to keep my children safe and warm in our home.  I listen to my cd A Soul I Walk On Earth daily and weave as I  sit in peace just taking in and being receptive to this... now a warm and pulling sensation is what I feel when I hold this beautiful Weaver over my hand.  Today, I have my car back in my possession and I am very grateful.  My son Ty is 3 years old and the day before my car was returned to me Ty was running a high fever of 103.6, I did not have a way to get him to the doctor in the middle of the night so I held The Weaver over his body and asked to please bring healing to him.  Ty's fever later faded away and I had no need to get him to the doctor.  For this I am truly grateful.  A lovely friend let me use her Pyramid and I placed it in my living room facing North with my lease, my bills, my business paperwork and pictures of my children on the tray in the Pyramid.  Today we had a follow up inspection of our home.  The home we live in is not a good space, lots of energy wasted and very high electric and heating bills, many repairs are needed and there is mold in my home from leaky pipes under the kitchen sink and in the bathroom, many of our belonging stored in the basement were destroyed by the leaking water and mold.  My landlord has not made the repairs required by the State and he is given one more opportunity to correct the house, then my family gets to move away from here with no negative repercussions to us.  My faith is stronger than ever that we will make it through this rocky road and financial stability will come to my non profit that I started 3 years ago.  I wanted to share with you and Thank You for the healing my family has definitely received since we embraced these tools and play the cd in our house, for my stress level and anxiety that has been greatly reduced and my ability to focus on raising funds and bringing income to help me support my sons and receive all the blessings that may come our way.  Such powerful changes are happening redirecting my life to be open for success and released from this life of severe poverty that we have experienced for the last several years.  Thank You for touching my soul and allowing many blessings to help my family.  I am a single mom with 3 beautiful sons.  They do not complain and they appreciate my efforts to keep a roof over our head, heat on and running water and now once again a car back in our lives.  From my heart... Thank You So Much!   I am now a believer.  My non profit focuses on educating the public about Solar, Wind Turbines and Geothermal Energy to reduce their energy bills and live a more sustainable life.  
I know for certain that I am on the right path for my life to do my part helping others and helping our earth... and for my sons to have a very bright and sustainable future. Sending Much Love and Appreciation from Tonya, Antony, Michael and Ty.

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4 of 5 so much brighter December 6, 2009
Reviewer: Adamma from Oakland, CA  
I ran one of the CDs for 2 days on repeat.

I had two visitors (independent of each other) on the 3rd day and both asked me what did I do to the Apartment I live in cause it was so much brighter. I do Energy Work and had seen both people a month ago in the same space. They asked me if I had painted the walls recently or cleaned the carpets or change to a new light bulb, they both repeatd with awe how much nicer my place look.

A 3rd visitor, a new client, stopped immediately upon entering my home and exclaimed I had a really GREAT place.

Which is clearly due to the cd A Soul I walk on Earth. Before the CD I was constantly told I needed to move or asked when was I going to have my place worked on.

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