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Brainwave Optimisation® - Relax Your Brain. Optimize Your Life.

Available in Glastonbury, UK & California, USA


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Brainwave Optimization® Series

As one of the largest affiliates of Brainstate Technologies, we offer 2 day Wellness or 4 day Primary Brainwave Optimization Series at The Shambhala Life Extending Wellness Center located at Buddha Maitreya the Christ's Shambhala Monastery in Northern California or The Buddha Maitreya Soul Therapy Centre in Glastonbury, United Kingdom.

Its a great testimony that people travel worldwide to experience Brainwave Optimization with us and many of our clients return for a follow-up Series every 6 or 12 months, feeling it to have been a profound and helpful self-healing experience.

“The results of the Brainwave Optimization were pretty much immediate as I slept through the night very soundly after my first session ( I have had trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep for at least ten years). I have been home for one week now, and the results have stayed and improve even more each day. Each morning I awake well rested, my mind is clear, I feel more grounded spiritually and healthier overall. I am so happy I received this therapy at the Maitreya Monastery as opposed to another facility because of the loving environment and the support of the monks and nuns. Thank you Buddha Maitreya & Tara for this wonderful experience." Scarlett P, FL

Braintellect 2 Wearable Headband

We are pleased to offer the new Braintellect 2 wearable headband for in home use for up to 2 people that naturally helps the brain to release stress and relax - a perfect compliment to Brainwave Optimization. The patent pending BRAINtellect 2 headband is used for an average of 15 -20 minutes a day and features an advanced processor, a wired controller and a Bluetooth wireless connection to a customized Windows® tablet. There is no other product on the market that does what the BRAINtellect 2 does. Click here to purchase Braintellect 2

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