24K Gold Plated Buddha Maitreya the Christ 7 Ray Shambhala Star Radiator - Semi Precious Stones
Buddha Maitreya the Christ 7 Ray Shambhala Star Radiator

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Blessed by the healing transmission of Monadic, Soul-filled light of Buddha Maitreya the Christ.
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Etched Quartz Crystal Disc

Solar Form Etheric Weaver Crystals

Solar Form Etched Crystal Disc

Centre Stone

Outer Stones

Chain (24")

Description How to use
Designed to be worn all the time, anywhere between the heart and throat, the Buddha Maitreya the Christ 7 Ray or Planetary Ray Shambhala Star Radiator. has a sacred geometric design based on the Star Tetrahedron (or Star of David) with 7 Ray (the 7 colors of the spectrum) or Planetary Ray (emeralds, sapphire and ruby outer stones) gemstones set into the dorje ends. The form transmits the blessing and healing energy of Buddha Maitreya the Christ, the living reincarnation of the Buddha.

"There are 7 rays that we are blessed with by God - when you use the radiator it has colored or clear crystals that attract and radiate the rays in a pure energy that helps to strengthen the rays and heals the Soul. On the regular Forms, the center stone (e.g. topaz, sapphire, diamond etc) helps to synthesize the rays to the center and be amplified by the crystals - this increases the Forms power to heal. With the new radiators you can select different stones on the outside of the form that help to increase the rays by radiating the energy of the Form and the different stones that increase each ray. This really stimulates the ability of the Soul and an extremely high rate of energy that is able to change ones purpose in the future. Wearing the forms for many years on a regular, daily basis helps to that make this happen. So the Form is not just to wear on occasion like a piece of jewelry but is more like taking medicine, making a commitment to heal and change by using the form daily for at least 6 months to a year every day to get real benefit." Buddha Maitreya the Christ"

Buddha Maitreya the Christ Shambhala Star Radiator helps a person to heal physically, emotionally and mentally; to develop and strengthen virtue and self-realize their divine and soulful, Buddha nature. They have a meditative effect allowing one to be more in the moment and able to respond to others in love rather than to react, helping a person to truly develop more harmlessness in all aspects of life.

Each of the Buddha the Christ Maitreya Shambhala Forms attracts the alignment of the Soul with the Personality, raising the lower centers or personality energies, up into the higher centers, creating a soulful transformational energy that aligns and vitalizes the higher chakras: the heart, throat, brow and crown center while the corresponding lower centers are purified and transformed for personality integration with the Soul. All the head centers are stimulated as higher telepathy takes the place of lower psychic projection. The Rainbow Bridge of the Monad, Soul and Personality can develop and transcend limiting forces and karma from past lives and this life.

The transmission of blessings from Buddha Maitreya the Christ through the Buddha Maitreya the Christ Shambhala Star Radiator helps to heals the Etheric Field. The Etheric field is God. It is the pulse and the matrix that holds everything together. Through your humility, you ask God to work through you, not to be in charge of you but to co-create with God. It is the intellect that causes separation and it is through the Etheric Field where the past, present and future, the mind, emotions and the physical all come together and can be healed.

Customizing Your Form

The Buddha Maitreya the Christ Shambhala Star Radiator is highly customizable and comes in your choice of 24K Gold Plate, Sterling Silver, 18K Gold or Platinum. Click here to learn more about the different metals.

It has a sacred geometric design based on the Star Tetrahedron with six 7/8" Buddha Maitreya Etheric Weaver crystals aligned in perfect symmetry, together with a 1.5" diameter quartz crystal disc on the back that allows the form to resonate with the cosmic sacred geomancy of the individual. The crystals have an applied color therapy and are available in your choice of Clear or Siberian Colored Quartz. Click here to learn more about the crystal colors.

The crystal disc is etched with the sacred geomancy of the Metatrons Cube.

The form comes with seven gemstones, one set in the center and six set on the end of each outer dorje. These gemstones align to the 7 Rays of God (representing all 7 colors that form the spectrum of white light, the level at which the form resonates) or the Planetary Rays (aligning to the Earth's energy and the energy of the 6th Ray, the ray of devotion and spirituality).

Both are pulsing gem essences into the heart center which is the color of the 2nd Ray of Loving Wisdom. In the Planetary Rays configuration, the other gems represent Rays that represent the Earth´s energy and connect to our glands on a soulful level. With a Buddha Maitreya Shambhala Solar Form, the pulse is focused into the disc at the back and into a person. With the Radiator, the addition of outer gem stones amplifies the form to quantum levels. The Diamond and other gemstones create a polarity of pulse. You get this when you place gems on either side of each other. A laser is amplified light through a ruby and that is similar to what is happening with this Buddha Maitreya Shambhala Star Radiator they keep pulsing until a quantum level of light is reached and then it radiates out. The 7 Ray Radiator works in the same way as each gem is set in polarity to the other one. The 7 Ray gemstone configuration works to amplify the virtuous qualities of all the 7 Rays of God." Buddha Maitreya the Christ

There are two differently priced gemstone options available for both the 7 Rays of God and Planetary Rays configurations:

  • 7 Rays Gem Stones: Red Rubelite, Green Tourmaline, Yellow Topaz, Violet Quartz, Sapphire, Orange Topaz Outer Stones with a Clear Quartz or Diamond Center Stone
  • 7 Rays Precious Stones: Ruby, Emerald, Yellow Topaz, Amethyst, Sapphire, Orange Topaz Outer Stones with a Diamond or Clear Quartz Center Stone
  • Planetary Rays Gem Stones: 2 Red Rubelite, 2 Green Tourmaline, 2 Sapphire Outer Stones with a Clear Quartz or Diamond Center Stone
  • Planetary Rays Precious Stones: 2 Rubies, 2 Emeralds, 2 Sapphires Outer Stones with a 1/2 Carat Diamond or Clear Quartz Center Stone
Click here to learn more about gem stone properties.

The wire used to wrap the crystals can also be upgraded to silver or gold. all of which helps to increase and amplify the resonance of blessings transmitted through the form.

Please note that specialty forms in 18K Gold and Platinum are often made to order and may have a longer production time. 18K Gold and Platinum prices shown are approximate only and are subject to market value. Please contact us if you would like help customizing your form, if you have any questions or to confirm pricing.
    • Sacred geometric form with 6 x 7/8" long Buddha Maitreya the Christ Etheric Weaver crystals on a 1 1/2" diameter crystal disc
    • Finest quality chain to match the metal selected (24k goldplate, sterling silver or 14K white or yellow gold for specialty forms) together with presentation box\
    • Your choice of 7 Ray or Planetary Ray gemstones, one in the center and 6 outer settings
    • Upgrade wire to sterling silver or gold for even greater transmission.
    • Dimensions 2 3/8" x 2 3/8" x 3/8' thick (55mm x 55mm x 10mm)
    • Weighs approx 2oz

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