Buddha Maitreya the Christ Medium Maitreya Solar Cross
Medium Buddha Maitreya the Christ Solar Cross

Blessed by the healing transmission of Monadic, Soul-filled light of Buddha Maitreya the Christ.
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The Buddha Maitreya the Christ Solar Cross is a physical expression of transformation that transmits the healing energy and blessings of Buddha Maitreya the Christ, the American born incarnation of Buddha Maitreya. The form is blessed with the Buddha Maitreya the Christ's blessings that awaken the sacred geomancy of the form.

Negative energies, energies that are not in harmony with the geometry of the form, are collected and pulled into the central vortex of the form. There, the energies are pulsed with the energies of Earth, minerals, plants, animals, moon, sun and the stars. Since the octahedron is the basic geometric pattern for all of these, it draws the energy into it and through the full resonant energetic field of Beauty and Harmony, anything that is missing is returned to balance. Negativity and darkness appear because of a lack of fullness, and just as fear or hate are healed with love, these energies originate out of a lack of love. The pulsing pattern of wholeness and beauty heal anything that is not whole, full, and complete in all worlds and all dimensions including the astral and mental planes. The Buddha Maitreya the Christ Solar Cross first transforms, then radiates the transformed energy back out.

Used for meditation, healing and often hung to bless and transform the energy of any space aligning to more harmony and right relationship in life. The Buddha Maitreya the Christ Solar Cross helps create a more sacred, monastic space allowing one the ability to meditate deeply, self-heal and align more to higher telepathy and the Monad, the Mind of God.

  • 24K Goldplated Sacred Geometric Maitreya Solar Cross based around the Cube Octahedron
  • 8 x 3.5" Clear Quartz Etheric Weaver crystals wrapped in Coated Copper Wire arranged in perfect symmetry "As Above, So Below" in all 4 directions
  • 1 x 3.5" Small Sky Vajra in Clear Quartz wrapped in Coated Copper Wire located vertically within the Cross and balanced at center
  • 23cm (L) x 23cm(W) x 18cm(H)
  • Comes with a complete set of Soul Therapy Meditation Music on CD or MP3 Download

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5 of 5 Thank you for the miracle May 29, 2011
Reviewer: Kari from Unknown  
I received your phone message, but it is easier to communicate via theinternet.  My son was in a horrible car/truck accident on the weekend. I put his birth certificate in the solar cross when I received it and had just removed it.  My son and 3 other young people walked away with superficial scratches from an accident that should have killed or extremely hurt them. Thank you for the miracle Buddha Maitreya

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5 of 5 A smoky image came off her head May 29, 2011
Reviewer: Will from Toronto, Canada  
"In 2006 I was in a session with a client, she'd been a client for 1 - 2 years but at that point hadn't really opened up about her struggle with alcoholism.  About 1 week after I bought a medium aqua copper wrapped Buddha Maitreya Solar Cross I had another session with the same client and about half way through she started to talk about her alcoholism and everything she had done to try to quit.  At the same time I saw a tangible blackish grey smoky image come off her head and into the solar cross where it disappeared, my client wasn't aware of it but started to cry and expressed how much she didn't want to drink any more.  From that session onward - it's now 5 years later - she hasn't had or craved an alcoholic drink.  Thank you Buddha Maitreya from both myself as a therapist as well as my client who's life has since transformed"

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4 of 5 I have them all in my home February 28, 2011
Reviewer: Rev. Dr Louis Gates from Florida  
Since I got the Pyramid I have been doing shows and letting people feel the pyramid. A week ago a Lady who was having operation after operation on cancer and her body just falling apart came to my home to use the pyramid. When she arrived she was crying and totally out of it and I taught that just maybe she was not able to use the pyramid this day. To my surprise I put her in the pyramid and instantly she went into a restful place and her body calmed down. When I did the etheric weaver treatment and let her lay in it for over an hour she never moved and thought she had only been in it for just a few minutes. I have been using the tools for a number of years and should of known the tools can heal if the person is ready to accept then God can shower blessings to them. I just love the Buddha Maitreya Meditation Ascension Pyramid  and the Etheric Weavers and the Maitreya Solar Cross, these tools bring the healing energy to your home and to you. I have them all in my home and when you walk in the power is like nothing you can explain but a blessing you know has come with them to you. Thank you Buddha Maitreya for blessing/healing people through your tools.

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5 of 5 Has really helped my family February 28, 2011
Reviewer: Loretta Bailey from Milton, ON  
The Maitreya Solar Cross has really helped my family! We have been struggling with different family issues and have had alot of trouble communicating with each other. Everyone was emotional and defensive and weren't able to listen to each other. I normally have the Maitreya solar cross in the middle of our kitchen table and had an idea of the old Native tradition of passing around a sacred object and letting each person speak, so I did this with the Maitreya solar cross and the change in our family meeting was amazing! Each one of my kids and my husband were able to express so much clearer without blaming and getting angry. We came up with solutions on how to care and love each other better and were really able to just listen as each person held the Maitreya solar cross. It was such a great experience to witness and be a part of! My children now asked to hold it whenever they are stressed ~ pretty neat! Thank you Buddha Maitreya for all the blessings and healing for my family!

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5 of 5 Learning to live a more harmless life January 17, 2011
Reviewer: Kyle from Prince George, Canada  
I visited a health and wellness convention in Toronto summer of 2008, I purchased a 3.5" Aqua Weaver and Medium Solar Cross with aqua crystals and since then have purchased other healing tools including a shambhala star which I wear every day.
I was serving in the army at the time. In a matter of 10 months I left the army, 16 months after that I have completely given up on war, by every aspect of my life and everyday since I am learning to live a more loving, peaceful and harmless way of life.
Thank you so much H.H. Buddha Maitreya for your blessings and profound peace I am allowed to cherish so much of every day

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