Buddha Maitreya the Christ Metatron Mat System with Metatron Vajras
Full Length Buddha Maitreya the Christ Metatron Mat with Buddha Maitreya the Christ Metatron Vajras�

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Blessed by the healing transmission of Monadic, Soul-filled light of Buddha Maitreya the Christ.
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About the Buddha Maitreya the Christ Metatron Mat System

These highly spiritual and blessed tools were created by Buddha Maitreya the Christ. They are part of The Science of Redemption that transmits and radiates Buddha Maitreya the Christ's blessings to help strengthen a person in their virtues or soulful qualities and heal from astral qualities of bad habits, physical, emotional and mental problems and relationships and circumstances that are harmful.

The Buddha Maitreya the Christ Metatron Mat stimulates chi to help revitalize and regenerate the physical body as well as calming the emotions and clearing the mind. Using the mat on a regular daily basis helps a person to heal physically, emotionally and mentally; to develop and strengthen virtue and self-realize their divine and soulful, Buddha nature. It is a tool for healing a person at the deepest spiritual level of their being - integrating the Soul with the Personality.

Vesica Pisces Inner GridLaying on the Mat has a deeply meditative effect that allows one to be more positive and joyful - present in the moment, and better able to respond in Love. It helps further a more harmless attitude in all aspects of life.

The Buddha Maitreya the Christ Metatron Mat� is based around the sacred geomancy of the Vesica Pisces, the diamond shape formed when two circles come together and merge. It represents the birth of Spirit in Matter known as the Soul and is a Divine Proportion found within all Life.

Grid showing crystal disc and magnetsThe sacred geomancy is applied to an electromagnetic grid made from durable copper fabric with powerful neodymium rare earth magnets placed at each diamond intersection. A pure Blue Siberian Quartz crystal disc etched with the Metatron's Cube sits at the center and radiates out. A small Etheric Weaver� is placed at each of the 4 outermost points of the diamond. The grid is then sealed and two layers of 100% cotton batting and a washable organic cotton outer cover are added for extra comfort. The full length Mat has two inner grids while the half length Mat has one.

Each Mat has four external connection points from the inner grid(s) - two on the side, one at the top and one at the base. Leads are provided to connect the Mat with two Vajras or Etheric Weaversthat can be held in the hand during a meditation or healing treatment for increased benefit. An Essence plate is provided to attach to the base of the Mat so that the subtle energy vibrations of flower essences or other natural remedies can be applied through the Mat. The Lead at the top may be connected to any of the other Buddha Maitreya the Christ Shambhala Healing Tools like a Buddha Maitreya the Christ Solar Cross. See pictures below.

Connecting the Essence Plate Connectng a Vajra Connecting the top lead

The mat has many uses and benefits - including for healing, self-healing, pain relief, reducing stress, relaxation, deep meditation and improved sleep. The mat is easily transportable and folds into an organic cotton carrying bag - making it easy to use for traveling or using with massage and many other types of complimentary therapies.

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Customizing Buddha Maitreya the Christ Vajras

Use the options above to customize your Vajras - selecting crystal color and wire wrap. Click the blue question mark next to each option to learn more about them.

  • Each Metatron Mat Includes:
    • Full or Half Length Buddha Maitreya the Christ Metatron Mat featuring two Vesica Pisces inner grids and 4 outer connection points
    • Washable organic cotton cover and carry bag, printed with the words 'Be Harmless" and the Vesica Pisces sacred geomancy.
    • Set of 3 wires with clips to connect Vajrasor other Buddha Maitreya the Christ Shambhala Meditation Healing Tools to the Mat
    • 1 wire with 24K Gold Plated Essence Plate with Etched Crystal Disc for connecting to the base of the mat and for use with flower essences and other remedies.
    • 1 short male/male connector wire for connecting two or more Mats together
    • Set of 7 Soul Therapy Music CDs
    Please note wire connectors that are unplugged frequently can become loose. The connection can be tightened again by squeezing the female end using
  • fingers or pliers to make the hole smaller.

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  3 of 3 people found the following review helpful:
5 of 5 I finally turned the corner May 29, 2011
Reviewer: Andrea Banks from Prescott, AZ  
At 66, after years of Chronic Fatigue and multiple Lyme co-infections, I finally turned the corner on health after purchasing and using the Solar Cross, Pendant, mat, 2 vadras, the etheric weaver, and the fabulous CDs for less than a month, along with taking some new Chinese Herbs. I KNOW the energy of Buddha's BLESSINGS in the music connect all the healing energies in the tools connected to the mat. This agrees with Quantum Physics and worked for me when nothing else did, by going higher in vibration where the bugs couldn't follow! I am SO THANKFUL to the Buddha Maitreya for his incredible gifts of healing.

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5 of 5 The lady felt such peace and harmony May 28, 2011
Reviewer: Veronica from Tawian  
Liz just got her first mat system and couldn't wait to share it with her clients - massage therapy I believe. The first lady that came - was having some physical pain. Liz put her on the mat, let her choose her Soul Therapy CD and weaved her. The lady felt such peace and harmony - when she woke up she said the pain was gone and she didn't need any other treatment. Liz was so happy for her and thankful for Buddha Maitreya. Liz went home with her vajras after a very long day and said she couldn't put the vajras down - she felt God's love radiating and she had to keep holding them even though she was exhausted. She fell asleep with them and woke up feeling much love and thanks to God.

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5 of 5 gradually made me relax February 28, 2011
Reviewer: Brigitte from Australia  
A real problem was, not being able to go to sleep. As soon as I got into bed my heart began to race and throb, so loud and strong, I could hear it in the bed sheets. Then a vortex of unwelcomed thoughts started to spin, which really annoyed and upset me. I just could not unwind.

In the beginning I just slept on the Metatron Mat and used 2 Metatron Vajras, which gradually made me relax. In the meantime I also obtained the Metatron Cube, which is hanging over my bed. The Maitreya Solar Cross is also there. Result: Calmness!  Real Bliss! I feel as if my inner self is lined with a thick layer of soft, fluffy Mohair wool, which outside influences cannot penetrate. This feeling accompanies me throughout the day. Lovely! Thank you Buddha Maitreya for your help through your healing tools and music.

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  3 of 3 people found the following review helpful:
5 of 5 Tumors Disappear November 22, 2009
Reviewer: Herlinda Rodriguez from Chicago, IL  
A few months ago I had an incredible blessing. I went to the doctors because I found some lumps in my breast. They found I had 3 tumors. I was surprised that I stayed calm after the news. While I was waiting for the the date of the biopsy I decided I needed a treatment. I called my friend for an etheric weaver treatment on the mat. She weaved me for 2 hours. In the middle of the treatment I started to see this incredible blue light and this white man. The blue light was radiating from him. I asked my friend who was in the room, but she said no one. I felt as if the blue light was inside me and I held the vajra tightly over my chest. I knew the man was Buddha Maitreya. And I knew I was going to be okay. After the treatment I had my biopsy. The doctors were completely surprised to find no tumors. They were gone. All they found was a small inflammation.  And I just thanked Buddha Maitreya for this incredible blessing. I felt such calm, peace and love. I have felt great ever since. Thank you Buddha Maitreya.

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  1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
5 of 5 "One of the best tools I have used" September 22, 2009
Reviewer: Kathie Morris, LMT from Ohio  
I am a massage therapist and have been using the Metatron Mat for almost 10 years now.. It is one of the best and most important tools I have used in my practice. It keeps the energy clear in my home while I am working on clients. It also really helps my clients clear emotional, negative, stuck energy and gives them a whole body connection while they hold the vajras. They relax into a deeper level where I don't have to work so hard to get them there.  I carry it with me to put on my table for outcalls and people really love it! Thank you Buddha Maitreya for the most amazing healing system, I can't imagine doing massage without it!

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