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I Never Feel Alone w/Buddha Maitreya Meditation CD March 13, 2015
Reviewer: Bernadette Ryan from Australia  
A couple months ago my stomach all of a sudden had bruises and turned black. I went to the doctor and he did an ultrasound which showed I had a tumor on my ovaries that had twisted into my bowel -a very serious situation. I knew it had to do with the grief of losing our 29 year old son two years ago.  I immediately began weaving my stomach with my etheric weaver constantly and listening to Buddha Maitreya's Archangels of heaven cd. I took the music with me everywhere - played it in my car, listened while I slept, I took every opportunity to listen to His music. I brought a cd player to the hospital to play it in my room before and after surgery. I felt quite secure that things would be fine.  I hung my head pyramid over my bed and also meditated with it on my head daily. I had a lot of faith that Buddha Maitreya was overshadowing my process from His higher realm and was lifting my soul to that higher level where it could heal.  Everything went so smoothly, I got assigned a surgeon who was lovely and spiritual.  He did an excellent job of removing the tumor without harming my bowel and I had a successful surgery of removing the tumor that turned out to be benign. I always felt I was being looked after.  
I have eternal gratitude for Buddha Maitreya. The work that He is doing for every one of us is quite an honor really.

Bernadette Ryan,
Victoria, Australia

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Meditation Really High Vibration February 7, 2015
Reviewer: EJ from GA  

"I really didn’t expect what I experienced - my knowledge of sacred geometry is so much, I didn't think there was anything I could learn from this. But when His Holiness started talking, the vibration was so high, I thought my gosh it's real! it's not just on a website!

After meditation my whole perception of His Holiness changed - this is not on the level of mind, this is at some completely different level - I am so grateful and so surprised! Thank you Buddha Maitreya. This meditation really caused a shift in me."

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Healing my Life with Buddha Maitreya's Blessings December 20, 2012
Reviewer: Brenda McPherson from UK  
I've been using Buddha Maitreya's healing tools for over a year now and it has dramatically improved both my physical and mental state.

I had bad PND after the birth of my 1st child.
Doctors pushed me to take antidepressants, however, I refused as I wanted 2 get over it my self.
I tried every possible source of help I could think of but nothing worked for me.
I wasn't myself anymore and my mental health was deteriorating.

So one night I sat up talking out loud asking and begging god for his help.
A short time after I got into contact with a friend and he was telling me about his etheric weaver how effective it had been on himself.
He gave me a healing and from the moment I felt the powerful healing energy I felt immediately connected and drawn to it's feeling so much love and peace.
I started off with a 3.5inch weaver and have been drawn to different tools from time to time to add to my collection.
I now have four 3.5inch weavers, a metatron mat system which I sleep on every day with 7inch weavers, a solar cross and solar form cross. All of which are with me every day even if I go on holiday.
I have been able to share my tools with friends and family with many positive results. Some of whom have been drawn to buy their own tools as a consequence.

I have experienced wonderful life affirming moments through my own self healing, most importantly whilst meditating at a low point in my own mental health when I feared for my physical health on a daily basis a mans voice both strong and powerful said to me "you are alright.... nothing is going to happen..... cherish your life ...... This is confirmation.
In another experience I had such a realistic vision of Christ whilst on my mat. He was a powerful vision of light and as I was drawn to his light my own body vibrated intensely with the magnitude of his power.

Many beautiful thing's have happened for both myself and my loved ones from having my tools around .
Thank you Buddha Maitreya. I send all my love and thanks for your blessings and the peace and love it has brought to my life.
I will heal myself more with each day that passes and hopefully to others others as well.

Brenda McPherson, UK

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give thanks to Buddha Maitreya March 20, 2009
Reviewer: Kerri from SLC, Utah  
“I would like to give thanks to Buddha Maitreya for his healing tools. When I found Carol, my doctor in Salt Lake my life had hit rock bottom.  Since the age of 14 I was placed on medications and institutionalized at least 11 times.  I have had many different doctors, psychiatrists and all kinds of therapy to help me heal from my “mental illnesses”, I have had many diagnoses. When I found Carol she introduced me to the healing tools that Buddha Maitreya has.  My sickness had been so harmful to my family and I had had a self-mutilation problem my whole life. When Carol offered the tools of healing I was so relieved and a peace of mind came to my heart and my soul, knowing that I could be healed and I could get better. Even my son has been diagnosed with ADHD and was placed on medication.  He no longer takes medication, he loves to meditate, he loves his weavers.  I wear a radiator every day. My husband and I are going to attend the dharshan in July.  And a great blessing has come upon our home, we play the CD’s 24 hours a day, seven days a week.If there is anyone out there wondering and kind of lost, this is the true answer.  I will never have to be hospitalized again.  I know that from the deepest recesses of my soul, I know that I’m being healed every day.No words can express my gratitude of thanks to Buddha Maitreya.  Thank you so much for all that you’ve done for me, you all are in my prayers.” Kerri from Salt Lake City, Utah 05.12.08

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Playing the Soul Therapy CD's at work March 18, 2009
Reviewer: unknown from USA  
A Lady who works in a Law enforcement office where she coordinates undercover agents who work with drug related crime tells us that she is playing H. H. Buddha Maitreya's healing music CD's all day in her office. She can feel the healing effect the music has on herself and the officers who work there. The music drives some of the officers nuts, others come and hang out near her desk, attracted by the music and enjoying the healing effect it has.

This lady has created a little oasis of healing in her office, the music, along with plants on her table and a fountain. She even bakes cookies and bread for the agents before they go out on a new mission. Some of the agents have told her that the nurturing things she is doing is what enables them go to work on days when they do not feel like going. With the darkness these often very young agents are confronting every day and the uncertainty they have of even coming back alive, the support she is giving is really important and has been appreciated by her boss as strengthening the morale in the office. She can feel the negative energy that comes from the criminals they bring into the office and she understands how hard it can be for the officers who have to take on that kind of identity when they go under cover, and risk losing contact with who they really are.” Shared with Maitreya Dharma Sangha

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Head/Eye Healing from Meditation Music March 15, 2009
Reviewer: Mary Lobalsamo from Buffalo, New York  
I was recently in a car accident and had alot of head trauma.  I was in alot of pain, mostly in my eye, but also in my head.  I layed down to listen to one of Buddha Maitreya's meditation cds and laid the etheric weaver on my stomach.  When the tape stopped after about 20 minutes the pain was gone!  I got up and felt fine! I really believe it was the music that healed me! Thank you Buddha Maitreya for your help!

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my experience of the Weaver and soul therapy music March 15, 2009
Reviewer: Jean from London, England  
“Dear All, I was at a crossroad in my life, I had pain and lonely separate feelings which ran deep. I had been having acupuncture for about 4 years which is “strong medicine for healing” but I was a bit stuck as we all get sometimes. I find it’s a constant conscious job, so we can recognize where we are. I have a busy time because people are sent to me for all sorts of help. We all need guidance and help and support at times. It was important for me to get some help and spiritual guidance so I meditated and asked for this to happen for the good of all. The Mind Body Spirit exhibition in London jumped out at me and kept coming to my attention, so I made a deal with myself to go....The exhibition was big and beautiful.... I wandered round still searching for answers. I suddenly came to the strongest vibrations from one of the stalls, it was full of the most lovely crystals and beautiful energies from the people. I felt I had come to the right place, such strong vibrations from the crystal configurations wound in copper formations. I felt the people on this stall were very genuine people, very helpful and lovely. I soon got led to an Etheric Weaver healing tool, amethyst wound in copper and a CD went with the crystal called “The Seven Rays of God”. The next day at home I put the CD on with Track 1, I found myself gently transported into a deep meditation space with little effort. The CD balanced my chakras, helped me to be grounded, it awoke parts of me that were asleep. It took me to a safe place where I felt a beautiful warm space within myself. It benefits the universe treating us all as one and it brings us back to connect us to Mother Earth and her needs and to our true selves in a balanced way. The CD helped me to feel there’s so much more hope. It stimulated me I felt more alive and much happier. Having this CD is an honor and a blessing and to help me to do the work that I do in a positive way. I give thanks with all of me for this CD. The Etheric Weaver I tested out on my hip as I had some pain and problems with my hip. The crystal soon went very hot, which shows it’s working. I held it on the offending spot and let the crystal do its thing. I felt a tingling and the next day I could walk no pain. A few days later I was asked to help a lady with cancer, I let the lady hold the Etheric Weaver on her side where the cancer was, the crystal went very hot within seconds, I let her hold the crystal for about half an hour, she was reluctant to hand it back, I said little by little because I was going to see the lady again. At home ... I noticed a piece of the Etheric Weaver was missing, it had not been dropped or damaged in any way. I felt this was significant. The lady is stronger and is now fighting the cancer and is having chemo, she didn’t have the fight or strength before the crystal treatment. She is getting better and stronger by the day. I know this would not have happened without the Etheric Weaver helping her. This is a true story not a sales gimmick.  May love restore the balance. Love and Light.” Jean 01.17.05

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