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5 of 5 They are invaluable to me January 13, 2011
Reviewer: Barbara-Lynn from Hillsborough, NC  
I was first introduced to His Holiness’s transformative healings back in 1996 when I was on pilgrimage in England. After visiting another healing center on Mt. Shasta, a few years later, I purchased a Maitreya Solar Cross, and shortly after that, the Metetron Mat.

I love these tools! In my spiritual healing practice, I facilitate very deep, Energetic, purification with my clients, and use the Solar Cross to bring the room back to a pristine, energetic form. I’ve also attached this tool to a wooden coat hanger so I can hang it up in different rooms, or use it on the little stand provided. This tool is certainly a workhorse in my home and healing space. Having chemical sensitivities, many solvent type odors bother me, however, when I sit next to the Solar Cross, I can actually feel these noxious poisons literally being pulled from my body!

I work with the Metatron Mat, after seeing clients, to cleanse my aura, and many nights sleep with the vajras close to me. Although these tools were expensive, they are invaluable to me, and the best layout of cash I ever made. Many thanks to His Holiness, for introducing these tools to humanity!

Have a Blessed New Year!   Barbara-Lynn, Center for Transformational Studies

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5 of 5 Surviving a Tornado March 8, 2010
Reviewer: Carl Boudreau from Iowa City  
On April 13th 2006 at 11.30pm Carl received an emergency phone call from his landlord to say that the house where his apartment was located in, had been hit by a tornado. When Carl arrived home he could instantly tell that the house had shifted slightly on its foundations. The windows in the building were shattered and the surrounding trees were torn up. Even the blinds looked like strands of spaghetti. Inside the apartments , the contents of the rooms looked like they had been through a blender. The furniture was scrambled where the tornado had ripped through the building.

When Carl got to his apartment in the house, the windows were blown out and the blinds were a tangled snarl. His Maitreya Solar Cross, which had been hanging from the ceiling had fallen to the floor but there was no damage to the form. It just needed a dusting to look as good as new. There was virtually no other damage done to Carl's apartment in spite of that fact that all the other apartments in the house looked as though they had been ransacked.
Carl had had two delicate clear crystal bowls sitting right in front of the blown out windows and they survived intact without a scratch. There was a statue of the Buddha which also remained untouched by the tornado. All of his knick knacks, crystals and Metatronic forms which had been on a shelf remained untouched by the tornado, even his Christ Consciousness vajra which had been tossed to the floor had no damage.

The only item that got damaged was a statue of Archangel Michael, his wing had snapped off but even this was a clean break that was easily mended with glue. Compared to all the other tenants in the building the water and wind damage done to his apartment was negligible. In fact there was so little damage done to Carl's property that he did not even make an insurance claim. That night Carl stayed up with the landlord's son to keep an eye on the property, and he was offered a new apartment to move into that very next day. Again , the other tenants of the building had been left scrambling to find temporary accommodation and their lives were very much inconvenienced for a long time after the tornado. Incredibly, Carl did not have any of this to put up with. He feels that he was protected and taken care of that night. Carl said  later "His Holiness and His tools were very much on my mind during that experience. Mostly in wonderment.. . Thank You."

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5 of 5 Healing of drug addiction November 22, 2009
Reviewer: Herlinda Rodriguez from Chicago, IL  
I had an incredible blessing this weekend. My son has been suffering from drug addiction for a long time. He couldn't go a single day without drugs, he was deteriorating, not eating, just consumed by the drugs. I have been trying to get him on the mat for years and weave him. But he wanted nothing to do it. So I finally gave up. Not knowing what else to do, I asked my friend to please put his picture in her Buddha Maitreya Solar Cross. The same day my friend put his picture in the solar cross, my son came over, crying desperately for help, with a bouquet of roses for me. His wife, fed up, threw him out of the house. He told me he didn't want to do drugs anymore, that he was sick, and he needed help.  He asked me to please do a treatment on him on the mat. I said - of course I am your mother. I weaved him for 2 hours with a puja and I felt such harmony and started singing thank you Maitreya in my heart. When he woke up he looked like a completely different person. He had light in his face. He said he felt like he had been reborn, as if something had gotten pulled out of him. The next day his friend came over and suggested a small rehab group - which he had resisted all along. But they actually went together and he returned looking calm. He went to work for the first time completing a full day with lots of energy. He is still going to the rehab meetings and has been going to work regularly, which is amazing because they were about to fire him. Since the treatment, he has been a totally different person, with life back in his being. I thank Buddha Maitreya every night because I know he was with us.  Thank you so much Buddha Maitreya.

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5 of 5 Long-term user of the Tools shares testimonials September 22, 2009
Reviewer: Brenda Clark from Vista, CA  
My daughter, Gwen, and I deeply thank you for your encouragement and wisdom on how to use Buddha Maitreya’s Vajra Etheric Weaver and CDs.

You placed Gwen’s name in the Maitreya Solar cross and also in the pyramid.  She used the etheric weaver and music CD every night.  Right away I noticed an upliftment in her emotions.

Last week, my daughter’s life dramatically changed.    She was an unemployed teacher for two years, experiencing severe menstrual cramps three weeks out of the month with emotional ups and downs.  

We were guided to a wonderful doctor that works with natural hormones.   Gwen has had fewer days of pain and her emotions are more balanced.   We are hopeful that her doctor can further regulate her hormones so that she can live pain free.

Gwen was offered a teaching position in a private school that provides immediate health & dental coverage.  Receiving a teaching position when San Diego County is letting go of first & second year teachers is miraculous.  The amount of applications for this job was an inch thick.

Her school is only 5 minutes from an apartment she can use rent-free while her friend travels.   Her friend travels often and left for two months the day Gwen began work.

Please share our gratitude and love to Buddha Maitreya for the wonderful blessings and healings Gwen has received.   It was a fortunate day for me when 12 years ago the Buddha answered the phone when I called.     I treasure my Sky Vajra that he suggested.

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4 of 5 I have more courage July 12, 2009
Reviewer: FD from Florida  
I had Soul Therapy tapes from years ago when I bought my first Etheric Weavers which I couldn't play for a long time as my tape player broke.  Towards the end of last year I saved up for a Shambhala form and it came with a Soul therapy CD that I played all the time and although I wouldn't describe myself as feeling depressed before - it's like I became happier.  Earlier this year I finally bought a Maitreya Solar Cross which came with a full set of CDs and I have them playing constantly and the feeling is that much more powerful.  I feel as though I have more courage to do things when I don't feel perfect or don't want to do stuff.  I have more courage to start - like dieting and exercising and being able to stick with it.  I have a degree of determination now that wasn't there before.  The more I hear the Soul therapy CDs the more I want to - I have a profound feeling of not being alone, feeling more connected and I see myself as much calmer and not so involved in little things.  I see it as a really good thing and I'm happy and grateful to Buddha Maitreya.  Thank you.

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4 of 5 Long Distance "Experiment" July 12, 2009
Reviewer: Anon from US  
One of Buddha Maitreya's students once said to me, 'it is good to watch the news so you know what to weave on'.  I was watching reports this past weekend of a serial killer on the loose in South Carolina.  I thought i would weave it and just see what happens, almost more like an experiment.  I wrote "  serial killer  " and the town where he had done the killings on a piece of paper.

I wove over the paper and the weaver spun in big circles and felt kind of heavy.  When the weaving seemed to lighten up, about 15 minutes later, i put the paper in the large Maitreya Solar Cross.  It stayed in there almost 48 hours, when i saw on the news that the guy had been found by the police, having hurt no one else since the weaving !

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5 of 5 "Sleeping under the Pyramid" March 20, 2009
Reviewer: Harmeet from UK Glastonbury  
On Saturday night Harmeet and her 2 daughters were sleeping under the pyramid and around 4:00am she woke up and saw a ghost lady, who was gazing directly at her.   Harmeet felt very fearful.  Then she saw something go into the Maitreya Solar Cross and back to the lady and the ghost disappeared.  Harmeet said she no longer felt fearful and went back to sleep and slept peacefully.

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5 of 5 Etheric Weaver Session w/ Mat system and MSX March 20, 2009
Reviewer: Maria Hanono from Miami, Florida  
Soon after Maria received her large MSX, she attached it to the mat and started doing ew sessions on different people. Her sister-in-law, who Maria describes as still young and active, was diagnosed with a bone disorder. She spent 12 days in the hospital and when she left, was in a wheel chair and was given a walker.  The pain was so intense, she fell into a deep depression and felt she wanted to die. Maria combined all her tools attaching the mat to the new large MSX and using her 3.5 ew 10 set treated her 4 times. Her sister-in-law stopped coming for treatments. She started walking without any pain, cleaning houses, and extremely happy with tons of energy and in great spirits. Maria hasn't treated her since because as she says "She's better than ever". Incredible!

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4 of 5 He stopped using drugs March 19, 2009
Reviewer: Jetty Rabeler from Omaha  
"I just love my Solar Crosses, they clean the room and the whole surrounding area. One time a boy from Texas came to visit us, he was addicted to a variety of drugs but wasn’t ready to think about quitting. For the whole 2 or 3 days he was with us he just lay on the floor with the Solar Cross on his chest listening to Buddha Maitreya’s Soul Therapy Music. He said it was a high better than drugs. He stopped using drugs after that and stayed off for a long time afterwards. We thought it was really amazing. "

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5 of 5 Confirmed my clairvoyant images March 18, 2009
Reviewer: Rhobbin Alexis from Beverly Hills, CA  
“As a clairvoyant, I have been able see images of dark energies leaving people's bodies and disappearing up into the solar cross made by H.H. Buddha Maitreya's Western monks and nuns in Sedona Arizona. My husband is in the media. He brought home a device that measures the "invisible ones" activities for ghost hunting purposes. The meter said "dangerous energies present" underneath the cross. Up over the cross and all around the cross, there wasn't any energy registered. We felt this confirmed my clairvoyant images.”

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