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Soul Therapy® Meditation Music - Invocations & Blessings by Buddha Maitreya the Christ

Blessed by the healing transmission of Monadic, Soul-filled Light of Buddha Maitreya the Christ

“Soul Therapy” happens when listening to Buddha Maitreya, The Christ’s Soul Therapy Blessing and Invocation Music performed by Buddha Maitreya. This “music” is the teachings and Voice of the reincarnation of Jesus the Christ. It is His spontaneous Blessing that happens to the person and a heightening of vibration and an increase in buddhic Light awakens inside the atoms of the bodys cells .... and then a rebirth .... of knowing you are Loved by God the Father as the Will of God expresses as one’s Soul (bodhicitta).

Choose from seven newly edited, restored and remastered Soul Therapy albums of meditation music, invocations and blessings performed and produced by Buddha Maitreya the Christ available in either CD or MP3 download format. Downloads are available from your Shambhala Healing Tools account after purchase.

Soul Therapy ® Music is sacred meditation music performed and produced by the American born incarnation of Buddha Maitreya the Christ. The Soul Therapy® meditation healing music combines the invocations of Angels and Buddhas, qualities of awakening, with different bells and sounds that come from Tibetan Buddhism, Crystal bowls and Native American drums. Ancient prayers and the highest invocations to God evoke relaxation, oneness and peace. Buddha Maitreya the Christ plays all the instruments and performs all the sacred invocations and prayers on each CD.

"The blessings that I give are given telepathically. They align the awakening of the Soul and they bring out an integration of all your body, your mind and your Soul. The Soul has the ability to completely transform all darkness, doubt, depression, a lack of faith. The influence of the Soul is radiated and it allows the influence of the energy of your mind to become more like the Soul, your emotions to be happy, to have understanding and to relate to life in a way that allows you to evolve and grow and mature with greater qualities." Buddha Maitreya the Christ

Soul Therapy® music is unique, transmitting Buddha Maitreya the Christ’s blessing for personal and planetary healing. It develops a spontaneous and transcendental state to enable communication with the Soul, opening up the heart, mind and emotions and helping the chakras move back into their natural alignment. It helps to release negativity and spontaneously balances the left and right hemispheres of the brain establishing a meditative state that would normally take many years to develop. Playing the Soul Therapy® CDs enhances transcendental consciousness every moment of the day, invoking and evoking the inner truth of the Soul in your life.

These ancient teaching songs can be played at home, work, during sleep, or while travelling. They clear, cleanse, protect and bless any space and are most effective when played continuously. Each of the Buddha Maitreya the Christ's Shambhala Healing tools comes with a Soul Therapy® CD or they can be purchased individually. There are seven titles to choose from, each one has 4-6 tracks and contains about an hour of meditation music. The individual tracks are also available to download from iTunes.

About the Invocations & Blessings

H.H. Buddha MaitreyaAs a person relaxes and listens to the ancient universal prayers and invocations in the meditation music, emotions naturally calm down and the mind begins to clear, creating a balancing energetic exchange that results in regeneration and revitalization. The music clears, cleanses and blesses any space - work or home and is most effective when played continuously. Below is an extract from a Radio Show with Buddha Maitreya the Christ on the subject of meditation and Soul Therapy® Music.

Host: The recordings we're hearing as we go to and from break are recorded by His Holiness. Would you speak just a bit on what the purpose of the music is?

Buddha Maitreya the Christ: When I play the music and it affects people, it actually affects their Buddha nature, their ability to respond to the moment. That's what Buddha nature is, its the ability to integrate the soulful higher quality in with your personality in that moment, in a transcendent state without the limitations of negativity, of doubts that are more of a what's known as a "left-spin" kind of thing. When the music is played, and being so spontaneous and meditative, it actually brings people into that spontaneous moment that I'm at. So, the CDs can be played anywhere and quite often people play them almost 24 hours a day as background music because it just constantly keeps them in a very controlled and gathered state and they just stay more balanced and healing.

Tibetan Bowl

Host: Could you speak a little bit about the benefits of meditation and particularly about group meditation?

Buddha Maitreya the Christ: It's a very interesting type that I do that's a little different than what most people experience. It's based on the use of the American Indian drum, which I play naturally and is recorded. At the same time another track is then played where I'm using cymbals and Tibetan bells and bowls from Tibet that I use naturally in my Puja's when I'm sitting and meditating on my own. So I just play that along with the drums. Then on another track I actually do an invocation that I would do in my healing practice, where I'm invoking the Seven Rays or the invocation of the alignment and the healing of chakras to colors and to sound and to certain vibrations that applies to natural laws that are found in esoteric healing. When you study along those lines, there are very specific laws that are applied to the Law of Love and when that energy is applied and you understand it, it helps to radiate that energy more in a conscious level just in higher mind or higher intuition. So the music actually applies higher mind in the teaching and it applies an intuitive nature that, just by expressing the Truth in the impression, like certain colors, when they come into a room... even in psychology they found that if you paint a room a certain color and you go into that room, it has a direct effect on your emotions and your mind and your sense of well-being and your ability to study or your ability to relax or your ability to sleep or your ability to be calm and not be fidgety. They found that by changing those colors that actually helps change the different vehicles of the body. Those are laws that are applied in nature that have an effect on us, naturally, in our senses that we're not consciously aware of. But they're there. In the higher mind, by applying the relationship of what's best known around color and it's relationship to virtue and the relationship of certain qualities and characteristics that are expressed in humanity, those are applied in the Soul Therapy Music. So it's done in a way to where it's just a prayer or an invocation that applies those energies and it helps to bring about what's known as the Science of Invocation and Evocation. So you really don't sit there and think logically or try and figure out what the is being said or anything, because there's a lot of music involved and you're just relaxing along with it and the teachings are more or less harmoniously going along with the rhythm of the music. It's more or less a very creative, both right and left hemisphere activity that goes on while you're meditating so it very much satisfies the energy of the mind and the energy of the emotion, sitting in meditation. The energy of the physical body becomes much more awake and much more alert energetically to allow higher telepathy or intuition to take place. When you do that in a group level, it actually does effect the harmony of the ability to meditate without the fear of being in relationship to people or being around other people or that you have to be alone in order to gain your best meditation and all that. You actually, in a group, like in a prayer hall or in a large healing group, there's much more energy in effect due to the Soul having a collective consciousness to it. The intuition of the Soul is much more radiating and receiving. So if you're around like-minded people who are meditating, that effects the energy of radiating that healing energy out to the town or benefiting more yourself by other people being benefited. You're radiating out and helping other people in the room and that's also a benefit to you and your merit and your energy. So there's a lot to be benefited by meditating and invocation/evocation and the right use of music and the right use of the energy in the room is based on sacred geometric and sacred objects and sacred paintings like Thangkas.

Native American Drum

Question: I've never been able to meditate. I'm a full-time school teacher so I'm pretty busy, but I should be able to make time. I think I have a lot of resistance and fear about meditation.

Buddha Maitreya the Christ: That is a very common experience. A lot of people have a very intellectual, mental attitude that goes on daily. Meditation is not a mental, intellectual, active attitude. So it really does take a big shift in your ability to change the way you're behaving, the way you're thinking, the way you're sitting, the way everything is acting in your life. All of the sudden just to shut that down and try to meditate, quite often what you get is an amplification of those same emotions and that same mental activity that makes you feel much more that you're totally incapable of doing such a thing. It also brings out fear, because a lot of times we have a suppressed relationship around love. We have a suppressed relationship about developing love in our life. So, there is an innate sense about not being loved and when you meditate, that essence of love, that need to be loved, which is your own self-love, is amplified and the energy of fear sometimes becomes amplified. So a person literally can experience a lot of fear when they begin to meditate. What I've done is that since I'm really good at meditating, and as a Tibetan teacher and healer, we have the ability to transmit and heal and we can do it in forms, like in objects, by handing little blessings to people, like little pills and things that people just hold or, we can actually radiate through meditation. If you're in a group with a high Lama or someone who's really really really good and you're in a group in that way, then it can actually affect your ability to meditate, just by being in contact with another meditator. So what I've done is that I've put out the music and I put out tools and I make it possible for people to use the tools and music that I work with and it puts them into a consciousness. I've had a lot of people who've actually practiced meditation and people who haven't practiced meditation who have been able to meditate so quickly and so effectively within just minutes, from just using the Etheric Weaver and listening to the music simultaneously. An energy takes place inside that aligns a person to their heart so quickly that all the mental stuff just stops and they're able to meditate. They're so happy for it. I get so many emails, I get so many people who stepped into the Soul Therapy Center or come across my music and they've been trying to meditate all those years and they've never been able to really accomplish it, even after technique and everything and then they come across my tape and all the sudden, they can meditate with no problem at all. So I recommend trying it. I really have found that it has been quite a difference in people's ability of meditating, that they usually have tried all these intellectual techniques of trying to meditate or, you get a tape and it tells you how to meditate: sit down, do this, do that. You're still being intellectual in the process. That doesn't help a whole lot, as far as your meditating and getting out of your intellect. But in my CD, it's based on music, It's based on drums and music and symbols and words that invoke a prayer that comes in a musical form so it hits the side of your brain that requires creativity, shutting down the side of your brain that requires a lot of intellect. So it automatically puts you into a state more relaxed, but yet a spiritual state that you kind of have to think about what the heck is he saying on this CD? So it opens up the left and the right side of the mind in a balanced way that activates meditation.

Tibetan Bell & Dorje

Question: There is pressure all around us to be first, to be the winner, to be more that the other person. How do we establish Harmlessness in this type of world?

Buddha Maitreya the Christ: That is the biggest difficulty and having those vices, those qualities that are always there tempting us and always there keeping us active toward moving in that direction also brings out anxiety and stress and frustration and worry and all of those other things that come from the emotions and the mental and the physical bodies. The way in which I believe that it's best done is that there are people like myself whose lives are focused on meditation, whose lives are focused upon certain behaviors in life that actually bring about those instilled qualities. Like in the Monasteries or like in myself, as a Tulku, that by us bringing out certain meditative techniques that are fostered through Centers or fostered through healing tools or through meditation music, that literally transmits a vibrational influence of the Holy Spirit that can awaken that Buddha Nature inside of a person and strengthen them. Even though they've had a hard life and they've gone through stress, they could be on the edge of death due to disease and other things, it's really come down to a terrible scenario, that listening to the Music or using the Etheric Weaver and coming into alignment with these type of energies literally brings on a spontaneous recapitulation of benefit that you could bypass the stress that we're constantly involved with, that our aura is always under the influence of. Our telepathy can ascend us right out of that and connect us into the benefit of having a less stressful life simply due to meditation. That brings about a change in our life that we can do, despite the fact that we're still working and we're still carrying on many scenarios, but those scenarios change because our Soul takes more control over our life rather than our constant process of stress and just our personality living out our life and not the benefit of our Soul.

Crystal bowls

Host: I listened to Your Music and I will tell you, my awareness was certainly effected and slowed down, calmed down. I found that although I'd planned to do other things, I had to just be there with the Music. It alters your reality.

Alignment of ChakrasBuddha Maitreya the Christ: It most definitely does. It's quite transcending. It opens up so much in relationship to certain chakras aligning in a certain way that they just move back to their natural alignment and that changes your way of thinking and your way of being receptive. So whatever qualities of meditation you can move into, it moves you into it instantaneously. Self-realization is quite often best understood when one meditates and one realizes - through awakening and meditation the true qualities of the Self, the energy of the Soul and the quality of Love that awakens from past life after life. It even integrates a reality of telepathy that integrates to the future better qualities and better understandings that enhance our reality of today. We can experience déjà-vu or we can experience other qualities of psychicism but when we meditate, we become transcendental. We not only experience a quality of healing the past and forgiving the past and living in the moment, but we also attune to qualities of destiny in the future -- qualities of humanity's working out of a Plan, an orientation toward the Truth that brings us into greater and greater understanding. My work is to establish these teachings in our everyday life to bring back much of the quality of our ability to bring out the Soul through transcendental meditation, through reawakening qualities of meditation that happen spontaneously in us, not through technique or through different types of teachings or belief systems, but actually through the quality of recapitulation -- recapturing qualities and understandings and characteristics that come with our past lives. Virtues are found in a science in esoteric reality in the ancient teachings known as the Seven Rays. Same thing that we know in the rainbow's seven rays or the sound or the seven tones to the qualities of the geometric form -- all those things enhance the energy of reality when it comes down to spirituality. When we use vibration, like in a church or in a mantram or in sound, when we're working with the vibration of healing, all of that implies a quality of healing that brings about a Divine Order, brings about unification and enhances the Soulful quality of healing. So when we're praying or we're listening to aspiring music that's of right nature and right tone, when we're listening and hearing and speaking and communicating and sharing in the right tone and the right vibration and the right energy, that brings about a healing energy around our environment. It heals and it also makes us discern and discriminate what's creating an imbalance, what vibration is off in relationship to the harmony that's brought out in Divine Order. We make available the music that I put out that is known as Soul Therapy music. It's a science that is very well known in Tibetan Buddhism and in the ancient texts in relationship to healing, a science of Invocation and Evocation, invoking Soulful qualities and evoking those qualities to manifest as a Ray energy or as a tone or as a characteristic like love and understanding and compassion. All of those energies and all those qualities are hidden inside of us and if they're not there now, they're growing slowly but surely, through maturity in life after life. So we can reawaken those qualities. Everyone can benefit from the qualities of healing that come from the science of invocation and evocation which is better known as prayer. Through the influence of the music that I put out, I use the American Indian drum, I use Tibetan Bowls and I use the sound that I work with in relationship to just tone and bringing out the Word. Using meditation for so many years and working in relationship to healing through sound, it's brought out in my CDs so you can benefit from the relationship as though I'm doing my work right there. It's the same energy. Many people have noticed that the influence that comes with the music has actually a very powerful relationship of releasing negativity and even bringing about healing in people and spontaneously establishes a meditative state that normally would take many many years to develop that level of meditation. There's a lot of benefit just from listening to the CD and there's no requirements of understanding or no belief system that's involved, it's just a natural relationship of working with sound and invocation of God. When one does a prayer and one does it well, it's going to have a strong empowering quality upon the Soul and that's what it's for.

Native American Flute

Question: Which CD would you suggest I start with?

Buddha Maitreya the Christ: I think any of them. A lot of people really like 'The Great Invocation' CD because it awakens a lot of relationship to the influence of the great power of humanity as it has grown through Saints and the quality of all the goodness that has come from humanity. It really does instill that ability for us to attune to it. It also dispels doubt and negativity by seeing too much of the negative quality of humanity and opens up the ability to see more of the virtues and give back the recognition of seeing those virtues by being a person of good, positive ability to discern and discriminate. The CD itself helps in that way.

Native American Drum

Question: Can I ask about playing the music at home, all the time?

Buddha Maitreya the Christ: Well basically, the music itself is all done spontaneously by me, all the bowls and the drums and everything that you hear in the music is done by me and it's not edited in a way that most music is edited, it's actually one track after another played, listened to and recorded. So it's literally, the whole entire thing that you hear is a one-take per track and a completed song. So it's done all spontaneously in relationship to that particular song at that particular moment. It really does bring the energy of Puja or being in-the-moment into a very amplified state. And then the words that are placed into it are very uplifting and educating when it comes down to solar philosophy and the understanding of the Soul and the energy of color and sound and all those things that we would like to understand, but we need to heal a lot more and we need to become more balanced before certain truths or certain understandings could be unveiled or able for us to really recognize when it does come. So a lot of the healing that takes place in the music literally helps us grow up and become more mature quicker and see things that are happening in our daily life that we're missing, that we're not seeing because we're not as mature as we should be, not as open and as clear as we should be. So if you listen to the music while you're sleeping or just as background music, it literally helps to keep that meditative energy up and keep yourself more receptive to the moment, whatever's going on in life, rather than taken back to thinking of the past or depression or negativity, it helps to keep the energy going and the healing energy moving so that people can literally see a difference in their lives after listening to the music in this way for just a week or two.

Question: If budget is really an issue, would it be best to start with the music or an Etheric Weaver?

Buddha Maitreya the Christ: People have found these CDs to be one of the most profound experiences that they've had. The Etheric weavers and all of the other healing tools all include a CD so that you are able to get the experience of meditation and experience the Tibetan Bells and the different invocations and evocations that I put into the CD and allows a person to be moved in such a way and inspired in such a way that it opens up their heart and it opens up their mind and it opens up their emotional body to release an enormous amount of pent-up negativity that they just couldn't possibly release without a heart-opening. And through the use of meditation and through the use of the CD, that does take place -- even to the point of exorcism or to the point of healing illnesses and diseases, it's manifested many times in that way as a natural, miraculous healing of the Holy Spirit taking Form and the miraculous qualities that come from that. A lot of times, just hearing a good prayer and attuning to meditation is an extreme benefit and it's non-threatening. Unless there happens to be a lot of really negative spiritual influence within the person's life, then the CD can literally be uncomfortable. The use of the Etheric weaver is a little easier to adapt to because there are no words talking about God or angels or things like that, which could be threatening to the person. But in most cases, the CD really is so balancing that people listen to it almost all the time. It's very good for while you're sleeping and healing your house and healing your relationships and things like that on a big scale.

Blue Siberian Etheric Weaver


The edema is completely gone.

In the past week I have been graced with three Soul Therapy sessions. In hindsight all three were similar in that my pain completely ceased, along with my anxiety and I was left with peace. By the third one, yesterday, my legs could not only feel, they felt really GOOD. Yesterday afternoon I just laid in bed feeling my legs send me warmth and joy. Today I rubbed my foot and I could feel it! For the first time. The edema is completely gone.

Omaha, NE
There was no more bleeding

I went in for the annual check-up and there was a lot of bleeding on one side and on the other two large cysts. Two mammograms were done and the head of the department came in and examined me and told me things did not look good. The bleeding was a sign of trouble and the cysts were such that they were very suspicious. He took me to the main counter and said, "Put a marker on her file and tag it." He told me to come back the following Wednesday and this was a Thursday. I went home and did a series of ten Soul Therapies and returned on Wednesday. He did two sonograms and a more detailed mammogram. There was no more bleeding and the two cysts went way down in size and he said I could go home. He said I was okay and to just watch the area that was suspicious. That was spring 2004.

Judy Boehm
Danville, CA
I definitely notice the difference of how fast and deep my meditative state can become with the head pyramid on

I use my head pyramid mainly to meditate with. It’s amazing – I actually feel energy moving around inside of my head and have the impression that it’s how my brain really should be working – like starting to wake up the other 90%! I always listen to Buddha Maitreya’s Soul Therapy Meditation CDs and I definitely notice the difference of how fast and deep my meditative state can become with the head pyramid on

I feel a great balance & serenity
I was enduring extremely intense curses in my home and on myself. My prayers,visits and prayers from various pastors remained vain. I had bought a solar cross in December 2006 But I did not play continuously any CD from Buddha Maitreya. I don
The CD opened my ability to hear him
Several times when I have played His Holiness' CD's at night to go to sleep to, I have "awoken" without actually "waking up" out of sleep, to the sound of the CD playing (or so I thought, actually the CD player was off, but I didn't know it). The first few times this happened, I thought, "oh, this just must be a bonus track on the CD," but now it has happened enough times that I realize the CD's have, I think, opened my ability to hear Him deliver Dharma/higher music that he is always making.
They both repeated with awe how much nicer my place looks
I ran one of the CDs for 2 days on repeat. I had two visitors (independent of each other) on the 3rd day and both asked me what did I do to the Apartment I live in cause it was so much brighter. I do Energy Work and had seen both people a month ago in the same space. They asked me if I had painted the walls recently or cleaned the carpets or change to a new light bulb, they both repeated with awe how much nicer my place look. A 3rd visitor, a new client, stopped immediately upon entering my home and exclaimed I had a really GREAT place. Which is clearly due to the CD A Soul I walk on Earth. Before the CD I was constantly told I needed to move or asked when was I going to have my place worked on
My Soul therapy CD is really helping me sleep
My Soul therapy CD is really helping me sleep - rather than taking 100mg of Benadryl before I go to bed, I just turn on Buddha Maitreya's CD
I find that I am just more at peace
I have really been loving playing my Buddha Maitreya Soul Therapy CD! Things are just being drawn to me and have found an enhanced sense of synchronicity in my life. I find that I am just more at peace, that I am just able to be more in the present moment and that I am overall able to deal with life more like that. Even my students are seeing how much more relaxed I am! This is just the beginning and I am really enjoying it These healing tools are really doing some great things. Thank You,
I deeply thank you for your encouragement and wisdom
My daughter, Gwen, and I deeply thank you for your encouragement and wisdom on how to use Buddha Maitreya
The tears and pain ceased completely, that very instants
I was suffering from a bladder infection which was resistant to the antibiotics I was using, and growing worst and more painful by the hour. Nothing was able to relieve the pain, which was so intense that even the slightest laugh hurt my whole abdomen, a lot like how it feels to have a broken or bruised rib. I laid down in the Pyramid and went into meditation with the Puja music. As i went deeper, my consciousness drifted into the center of the pain, the place i had been trying to avoid at all cost to somehow have relief from the pain. It was so intense i was crying like a baby. Finally, i prayed to Jesus to help me with this pain and in that very same instant, within less than a second the following happened: I got the idea to place the solar form that i was holding in my hand, a Shambhala Star, over my bladder... and the tears and the pain ceased completely, that very instant. The timing was miraculous, processes don't just come to an instant, abrupt, complete halt in my experience. The next thing i remember was complete peace and then waking up the next morning with the solar form still in place, in MUCH less pain, astounded at the healing power of Jesus and His Tools
You can sort out problems far more easily with the teachings
I have had DVD's from the Buddha Maitreya Dharma Center Glastonbury England for a course in becoming a soul therapy practitioner. They were very useful and I could relate it to my life at any point in time. My life is back on track and you can sort out problems far more easily with the teachings from the DVD's. It can also help you through difficult situations and karmic relationships. Whenever I have a problem I cannot solve on my own I go to Buddha Maitreya's website or DVD's or CD's which i don't have at present as i have given some away to people who needed them. But i have had many CD's and DVD's and they have always been helpful.
Almost immediately she witnessed a transformation in the man
Karen , a care assistant for the elderly shared how using her etheric weaver over her client's name has made a big difference in his temperament He was a particularly difficult individual, who showed mean tendencies with his exacting and unreasonable demands. He seemed to take great pleasure in causing other people pain by saying and doing unkind things. During her overnight stays caring for him, Karen started to play Buddha Maitreya's soul therapy CDs very quietly in her room. She also started to use the etheric weaver over his name. Almost immediately she witnessed a transformation in the man. He became more docile, compliant and had a softness that she had not seen before.
My Experience Of The Weaver And Soul Therapy Music
Dear All, I was at a crossroad in my life, I had pain and lonely separate feelings which ran deep. I had been having acupuncture for about 4 years which is "strong medicine for healing" but I was a bit stuck as we all get sometimes. I find it's a constant conscious job, so we can recognize where we are. I have a busy time because people are sent to me for all sorts of help. We all need guidance and help and support at times. It was important for me to get some help and spiritual guidance so I meditated and asked for this to happen for the good of all. The Mind Body Spirit exhibition in London jumped out at me and kept coming to my attention, so I made a deal with myself to go....The exhibition was big and beautiful.... I wandered round still searching for answers. I suddenly came to the strongest vibrations from one of the stalls, it was full of the most lovely crystals and beautiful energies from the people. I felt I had come to the right place, such strong vibrations from the crystal configurations wound in copper formations. I felt the people on this stall were very genuine people, very helpful and lovely. I soon got led to an Etheric Weaver healing tool, amethyst wound in copper and a CD went with the crystal called "The Seven Rays of God". The next day at home I put the CD on with Track 1, I found myself gently transported into a deep meditation space with little effort. The CD balanced my chakras, helped me to be grounded, it awoke parts of me that were asleep. It took me to a safe place where I felt a beautiful warm space within myself. It benefits the universe treating us all as one and it brings us back to connect us to Mother Earth and her needs and to our true selves in a balanced way. The CD helped me to feel there's so much more hope. It stimulated me I felt more alive and much happier. Having this CD is an honor and a blessing and to help me to do the work that I do in a positive way. I give thanks with all of me for this CD. The Etheric Weaver I tested out on my hip as I had some pain and problems with my hip. The crystal soon went very hot, which shows it's working. I held it on the offending spot and let the crystal do its thing. I felt a tingling and the next day I could walk no pain. A few days later I was asked to help a lady with cancer, I let the lady hold the Etheric Weaver on her side where the cancer was, the crystal went very hot within seconds, I let her hold the crystal for about half an hour, she was reluctant to hand it back, I said little by little because I was going to see the lady again. At home ... I noticed a piece of the Etheric Weaver was missing, it had not been dropped or damaged in any way. I felt this was significant. The lady is stronger and is now fighting the cancer and is having chemo, she didn't have the fight or strength before the crystal treatment. She is getting better and stronger by the day. I know this would not have happened without the Etheric Weaver helping her. This is a true story not a sales gimmick. May love restore the balance. Love and Light.
Helps To Restore Peace, Balance And Wellbeing
I have been using the Soul Therapy Music in healing sessions and with the Etheric Weaver, it has made such a difference to myself and others and has been truly wonderful and uplifts the atmosphere and goes into the fabric of any building and person on many levels. It helps to restore peace, balance and wellbeing in a very positive way and has helped with my health and direction and that I will always treasure in my heart.
Exorcism Of Ghost

My 12 year old nephew had told me that his bedroom had a ghost in it and that he told his mom, but she didn't believe him. I asked him what was happening. He said the ghost turns his light on and off in the night and then will hit him to wake him up. He was very scared and described it like it was hopeless. I asked him if he wanted me to help. He said "Yes!" I put on Buddha Maitreya's Great Invocation CD and just let the Etheric Weaver spin in the room. I could feel nervousness in the room and then it was gone. I had no idea if the ghost was gone or not. A few weeks later my nephew told me "When you blessed my room it got rid of the ghost!" He hasn't had any problems since.

Oletha, Kansas
Using The Music For Spiritual Protection
J.T. from Livermoore had been getting into a lot of psychic practice , including channeling. He said that his meditations were being blocked at the head center by an opposing force of energy and then began to experience entities attaching themselves to him . He realizes now that he was moving more onto the astral plane because of his practice of channeling and it got so bad to the point were he could see entities in the street and he was constantly having to cleanse himself of dark realities . He came across Buddha Maitreyas store in Mount Shasta and he saw that none of these entities would go through the door. He saw people walking in and the entities that were attached to them not getting through the door. He bought Buddha Maitreyas Soul therapy music and played in around the clock and saw his reality shift to were he wasn't plagued by disincarnated realities , his meditations became clear and life became a lot more enjoyable .
Livermoore, CA
We Sat On The Metatron'S Mats At A Recent Show
My sister and I sat on the metatron mats at a recent show and we listened to Buddha Maitreya's music on headphones. I got really hot and all of a sudden saw a black cloud like thing with a face, elongate and leave out of the top of my sister's head. We were sitting there for less than 10 minutes and I was soaked in sweat from the experience. I later asked my sister what she experienced while meditating. She said she felt so much better and lighter. My sister has been going through a really rough divorce, which has made her depressed and on the brink of giving up. After her experience with Buddha Maitreya's music and healing tools she has hope again. Thank you Buddha Maitreya!
Julie Carr
Healing Of Family Relationships

After listening to the CD several times and working with the pendant, I experienced a rather incredible healing crisis. I cried for 14 hours Christmas Day, and had a "head cold" for several days. Once this passed I was overcome with a complete sense of serenity and peace. This feeling has yet to leave.

My fractured relationship with my father is healing at an amazing rate. This is a blessing that I have prayed for for many years. You can not imagine what this means to my entire family.

I am now working with several weavers, and listen to the CD's as often as I can. Others in my life are experiencing healing, or at least peacefulness in my presence (as I wear a weaver constantly).

The weavers and CD's are becoming mainstays in my practice (massage and bodywork). My clients are noticing changes in their health and serenity.

Thank you Buddha Maitreya for developing these blessed tools.


Wearing My Silver Shambhala Star
I have experienced deep relaxation and I have felt strong healing energy when using the Soul Therapy CD along with wearing my silver Shambhala Star. I really feel the blessings of His Holiness in my life, and He is changing me in a big way. I have only been using these sacred tools for a few weeks and there has been a profound shift in my consciousness. I am very mentally ill (I have severe obsessions), but I have hope that with the blessings of His Holiness I will eventually be mentally healthy. From despair to happiness I go, with the help of one of God's boatmen.
Gilligan Joy
Victoria BC, Canada
Healings Using The Tools

Dear Buddha Maitreya,
I first visited someone who had the Shambhala Mat and two vajras. I laid on the mat. I felt the radiosonic pulse and felt something good for the first time in weeks. I took home the puja''s tapes and played them continuously day and night. Each day something got better.

I have had so many healings of things that were painful both emotionally and physically. Today I walk lightly and before I limped or had such incredible pain. I have had breast cancer come up and I did nine soul therapy''s and it was gone. I have had wierd body pain and movement of extremeities from a fried energy field from guru''s. You were there. I have been on the brink of insanity and you were there as the junk I took in came out.

Judy B
Danville, CA
They Are Amazing
I have the complete set of Cd's produced by HH Gyalwa Jampa and I just have to tell you that I absolutely love them. I listen to them almost every day. Initially I thought I would listen to them once or twice and then that would be it. The truth is I can't get enough of them. I feel inspired, uplifted, and content after each listening. I also find the more I listen to the Cd's the more I hear. They are amazing. I will be travelling across the country next week and it is my intention to keep these Cd's playing in the car all the time!
Thank You

Thank You.

I am very happy with the Maitreya Solar Cross. I listen to the CD's also.

Love and Blessings.

Calgary, Canada
They Are Amazing
I have the complete set of Cd's produced by HH Buddha Maitreya and I just have to tell you that I absolutely love them. I listen to them almost every day. Initially I thought I would listen to them once or twice and then that would be it. The truth is I can't get enough of them. I feel inspired, uplifted, and content after each listening. I also find the more I listen to the Cd's the more I hear. They are amazing. I will be travelling across the country next week and it is my intention to keep these Cd's playing in the car all the time!
Lynda Bancroft
Head & Eye Healing From Meditation Music
I was recently in a car accident and had alot of head trauma. I was in alot of pain, mostly in my eye, but also in my head. I layed down to listen to one of Buddha Maitreya's meditation cds and laid the etheric weaver on my stomach. When the tape stopped after about 20 minutes the pain was gone! I got up and felt fine! I really believe it was the music that healed me! Thank you Buddha Maitreya for your help!
Mary Lobalsamo
Buffalo, New York
Wow.. They Are So Beautiful
Wow i just received the Etheric Weavers along with the cds. I am immensely grateful,they are so beautiful thank you so very much. I have been playing the cds all day and the vibration in the meditation room is so very high. Please thank H.H. Buddha Maitreya and all the Nuns and Lamas for me from the bottom of my heart.
Denise M.
Perth, Australia
Emotional Healing With The Soul Therapy Music
I don't believe I have ever experienced so many levels of consciousness consciously. I let myself scream, cry and feel all the emotions I have been suppressing.
Sandy Gubo
Deeply Healing

At first I didn't like this recording (it was very strange to my ears at first) but now I love it. It is very calming. Unlike the other CDs, The Archangels of Heaven CD does not contain vocals that are distracting from my work, except for the last track (which I can omit from my playlist). For this reason it is one of the most useful CDs: I can play it all day at work and receive the blessings of His Holiness.

I have experienced deep relaxation and I have felt strong healing energy when using this recording along with wearing my silver Shambhala Star. I really feel the blessings of His Holiness in my life, and He is changing me in a big way. I have only been using these sacred tools for a few weeks and there has been a profound shift in my consciousness. I am very mentally ill (I have severe obsessions), but I have hope that with the blessings of His Holiness I will eventually be mentally healthy. From despair to happiness I go, with the help of one of God's boatmen.

Gilligan Joy
Victoria, BC Canada
Using Vajras And Soul Therapy Music
I now have a relaxed feeling all over - not just superficial. With the vajras I felt like I was there with the music and words - a great relaxation therapy - like meditating for an hour even though I had only held it for a few minutes. A great meditation aid.
Anonymous, center visit
Thank You

Thank you very much for the CD, the Great Invocation. It is a big help for me.
Thank you very very much
Love and peace

I Have Come To Enjoy The Calming Influence

I was very pleased upon arrival of the etheric weaver. I sensed quite a bit of energy and power surrounding it - too much at first for my sensitive nature. Instead of using it right away, I attempted to listening to the CD. Again, the initial response could best be termed "too much." One of the nuns called to follow up, and we discussed the reservations that I had. She encouraged me to give things another try.

I now simply slip the etheric weaver into my pocket. It is used when I sense that it is needed and has been an accurate tool in healing the horses that I work with. The CD is turned on very low volume, which has helped tone things down. I have come to enjoy the calming influence.

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