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Soul Therapy® Meditation Music

Invocations & Blessings by Buddha Maitreya the Christ for Meditation & Healing

Blessed by the healing transmission of Monadic, Soul-filled Light of Buddha Maitreya the Christ

“Soul Therapy” happens when listening to Buddha Maitreya, The Christ’s Soul Therapy Blessing and Invocation Music performed by Buddha Maitreya (often included during His OM Meditations). This “music” is the teachings and Voice of the reincarnation of Jesus the Christ. It is His spontaneous Blessing that happens to the person and a heightening of vibration and an increase in buddhic Light awakens inside the atoms of the bodys cells .... and then a rebirth .... of knowing you are Loved by God the Father as the Will of God expresses as one’s Soul (bodhicitta).

"Listen to the Soul Therapy Music and especially the words, because the words are very specific invocations that are in you. They are Laws of Love that are working in the world and are manifesting as God’s way of thinking and God’s way of making things happen. They may not be your everyday choice of thinking, but it is the way God thinks and how God is manifesting things. So by us listening to these words, it helps us to have an invocation/evocation in our deeper self - on an atomic level into an emotional and then to a physical level, so it could make us better people and the planet a better place." Buddha Maitreya the Christ

Choose from seven newly edited Soul Therapy albums of meditation music, invocations and blessings performed and produced by Buddha Maitreya the Christ available in either CD or MP3 download format. Downloads are available from your Shambhala Healing Tools account after purchase. Soul Therapy Music is also included free with all purchases of the Shambhala Healing Tools to use with the meditation healing tools for greatest effect.

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The Coming Destiny CD The Coming Destiny CD
Our Price: £10.00

The Great Invocation CD The Great Invocation CD
Our Price: £10.00

Maitreya's Song CD Maitreya's Song CD
Our Price: £10.00

Meditation of the Soul CD Meditation of the Soul CD
Our Price: £10.00

The Seven Rays of God CD The Seven Rays of God CD
Our Price: £10.00

A Soul I Walk on Earth CD A Soul I Walk on Earth CD
Our Price: £10.00

Archangels of Heaven CD Archangels of Heaven CD
Our Price: £10.00

Set of 7 Soul Therapy Music® CDs Set of 7 Soul Therapy Music® CDs
Our Price: £70.00
Sale Price: £60.00
Savings: £10.00