The Christ Cross Star
The Christ Star
Shown with 12 Clear Quartz of Etheric Weavers and small Shambhala Star in Goldfilled wire

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Blessed by the healing transmission of Monadic, Soul-filled light of Buddha Maitreya the Christ. The Large Solar Forms are for social healing of one's community, home or business. Hang on a wall, in a window or inside an Ascension or Metatron Meditation Pyramid System. The forms radiates the Etheric field in a large way and in doing so it also absorbs astral glamour and delusion in the surrounding area.
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Crystal Colour

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Solar Form Design

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The Christ Star has a 12-pointed star sacred geometric design with 12 x 4.5" Etheric Weavers® aligned in perfect symmetry together with 12 interlocking spherical Sky like dorjes on all 12 ends aligning to God and Heaven on Earth. It transmits and radiates the Monadic, Soul-filled healing blessings of Buddha Maitreya the Christ, the Planetary Logos. At the center of each form is one of Buddha Maitreya the Christ's Shambhala Star Solar Forms that helps to amplify the crystals and the form, greatly increasing the radiatory field of blessings and the form's power to heal, transform astral energy and increase prana for revitalization and healing.

Buddha Maitreya the Christ shares about these larger versions of the personal solar forms to wear: "Most people experience greater peace and personal healing throughout their relationships after they began wearing a Solar Form. The larger forms are for social healing in one's community, home and business. They are designed to be hung on the wall, in a window, inside an Ascension or Metatron Meditation Pyramid System, Or just to lay or hold on the front of the body while meditating. They are different from the smaller forms as the larger forms include sacred geometric forms on the ends that are not available in smaller personal forms. When the form is hanging on the wall it radiates the Etheric field in a large way and in doing so it also absorbs astral glamour and delusion in the surrounding area. This is amplified when the form is hung in the Ascension pyramid or Metatron meditation system."

Wire Wrap

Each Etheric Weaver crystal is wrapped in 12K Gold-filled wire. Like gem or flower essences, metals have healing qualities. The essence of the metal is carried through the wire and magnets.

Center Solar Form Option
Choose from the Shambhala Star, Christ Cross ,Star Tetra, Solar and Deva Forms as an option for the center Solar Form in the Christ Star.

    • 24K Goldplated The Christ Star with 12 outer Sky forms
    • 12 x 4.5" Etheric Weavers®
    • Buddha Maitreya the Christ Shambhala Star at Center
    • 15" (L) x 15" (W) x 3.5" (D)
    • Weighs approx 2.5 Ib

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