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"Holding a Vajra allows one to be receptive to the Heart Center and Buddhaic Mind. The Vajra is not only a link between the Personality & Soul through the bridge of the Etheric Field but a source of direct union with the Monad - the Mind of God."
Buddha Maitreya the Christ

Regular Vajra is a combination of a 7" Etheric Weaver® with two 24k gold-plated sacred geometric forms on either end.

Christ Cross Vajras are also available with a second 7" Etheric Weaver® placed at right angles over the first creating a Christ Cross design. Some of the Vajra designs are also available as smaller, Child-size Vajras with 3.5" Etheric Weavers®. Please call us to learn more +44 1458 898221

Shambhala Vajras are available with one or two of Buddha Maitreya the Christ's Shambhala Solar Forms to greatly amplify the healing effect of the vajra.