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Copper Meditation Pyramid Connectors with 4" Capstone to fit 15mm diameter poles Polished Copper Meditation Pyramid Connector Kit with 4" Capstone - Fits 15mm Metric Copper Poles

Finest Quality Buddha Maitreya the Christ Copper Meditation Pyramid Connector Kit fits 15mm Metric Copper (suitable for UK/Europe):-

  • 4 x Polished Copper Corner Connectors
  • 1 x Polished Copper Apex Connector with 4" Capstone
  • Upgrade to include a set of poles or add your own poles using 15mm metric copper

Contact us to if you would like to add single or 2 stage copper poles to create a full room sized 7 ft square (213cm square) 51 Degree Copper Meditation Pyramid System or learn more about the different options and upgrades available.

Retail Price £398.00