Earthpulse Sleep on Command v.5
Earthpulse Sleep on Command v.5

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For over 14 years Earthpulse' inexpensive and portable pulsed electromagnetic sleep-machine has provided thousands of clients with remarkably deeper & recuperative sleep, . The pulsed magnetic field entrains brain toward deeper sleep while stimulating mitochondria to produce more energy resulting in enhanced daytime performance.When used regularly, the sleep-machine's patented, low frequency, low-amplitude pulsed magnetic field makes Sleep on Command the world's most effective recovery, performance enhancement / ergogenic aid & longevity tool ever developed. Since mitochondrial dysfunction and oxidative stress are at root of nearly every degenerative disease state (including aging), EarthPulse may be the most effective anti-aging tool ever devised.
Sleep on Command features:
  • 4 button controller design
  • 4 Sleep-Mode programs plus Modes
  • Recover / Alert / 2 Entrainment
  • 100-240 volt power supply
  • Sleep inductor electromagnet
  • Cross polarizing magnetic attachment for local use
  • Travel case
  • Simple instruction sheet
  • CE Marked for use in UK/Europe
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Why v.5 Sleep on Command enhance sleep

Naturally occurring magnetic fields used to keep us relaxed and focused during the day and able to sleep well & repair each night. Particularly as we slept close to the ground the way Mother Nature intended.

Modernly however we sleep on concrete foundations, on second floors or worse, high in the sky. The naturally occurring magnetic fields have become hidden behind an insidious and propagating man-made wireless telecommunications field of high frequency. The further you live from the ground, the more telecommunications fields you are exposed to.

This is the reason we sleep well on camping trips. When camping you sleep in contact with the ground as nature intended. Not necessarily 'grounded' as Earthing/Grounding systems will have you believe; but lying close to the ground where you are exposed to these naturally pulsating geomagnetic signals emitted by Earth's core. These are not Schumann waves circulating in the ionosphere that have more effect on the body when standing upright; but pulsating for eon's at one particular frequency triggering our sleep and repair when ever we came in contact with it lying horizontally.

High frequency magnetic fields are cumulatively stressing the mind, body and spirit, breaking us down and making it nearly impossible to sleep well (or repair fully) at night. If you work on a laptop with wireless cards engaged, you rest your palms and pulse points directly in contact with the wireless cards. You are wreaking havoc on body's blood, cellular and neurological systems. If you experience muscle twitching or heart palpitations at your computer while in wireless mode, you need hard-wire!

Static magnetic sleep products or daytime use of PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) therapy devices can't EVER hope to achieve the types of results our clients routinely experience from regular nighttime use. Other types of electromagnetic systems use wave-forms, frequencies (or both) that are simply incorrect for sleep, and their application strategy of 12-20 minutes once or twice a day are neither convenient nor nearly as effective. Nor are multiple field emanation point electromagnet mats (where field intersections and hot spots are inevitable) vs. a simple radiating field from one single magnetic field emanation point as in the case of our hockey-puck sized quite powerful coil. Mat-systems "vital" programs at 20 Hz produce mid-high-Beta effect, don't confuse 'wired' with energetic. 20 Hz produces stress hormones in animals.

Use at night during sleep has obvious benefits that simply can not be achieved during short daytime sessions. Neither can they be achieved with sleep herbs, sleep-meds, meditation techniques, biofeedback, white noise or pulsating light machines. EarthPulse makes ALL these techniques and devices completely obsolete with no effort whatsoever. The only side-effects are far more energy, clearer thought processes and more strength & stamina.

With the Sleep on Command, you have a better than 95% statistical probability you'll be sleeping-easy, enjoying far more strength & stamina and more mental clarity as you Sleep Your Way to Better Health. Nothing works as well as the Sleep on Command sleep machines because they've got EarthPulse inside that includes a 10 Hz Recover-Mode program.

How Sleep on Command works

Once you place the hockey-puck sized magnetic inductor under your mattress you turn it on (set favorite program in full-function device), set the timer and press start. Simple!. Because of its digital programming it even assists waking in the morning by tuning brain toward an alert state during last 30 minutes of program.

Sleep on Command "supplement" your sleep environment with magnetic fields normally present in the natural geomagnetic range. It begins program in low-Alpha-Rhythm and sequentially steps down to deep Delta-rhythm. Your brain "locks-on" or entrains to the signal and before you know it, you're sleeping deeper than ever.
Simply place the electromagnetic inductor under your mattress, turn on controller, set the timer and press start. The digital Sleep-Mode and Recover-Mode programming shifts to low Beta- rhythm (ALERT) frequency in morning to assist you to wake.

There are 10 program modes including the patented pulsed electromagnetic field frequencies that entrain the brain to improve sleep onset:

SLEEP-MODE 1 -Starts in ALPHA, steps down to DELTA, cycling in and out of DELTA & REM (low-THETA) during the night 4 cycles w/WAKE-UP phase and 1 hour buffer of 14.1 Hz to alleviate sleeping through the wake up phase;
SLEEP-MODE 2 - Starts in ALPHA, steps down to DELTA, cycling within DELTA range all night w/WAKE-UP phase during program conclusion plus 1 hour buffer at 14.1 Hz to nudge you out of bed;
SLEEP-MODE 3 - Starts in Delta, steps down to low-Delta, cycles within Delta all night w/WAKE-UP phase plus 1 hour buffer at 14.1 Hz to make it nearly impossible to stay asleep.
SLEEP-MODE 4 - Starts and stays at 1 Hz to timer's conclusion, NO-wake-up phase. We affectionately call this program "the Dead-Zone" plus 1 hour buffer 14.1 Hz to shake you out of deep-Delta;
SLEEPEASY - Hybrid Delta-rhythm program that starts with 15 minutes of RECOVER then tumbles into Delta-rhythm in 60 seconds w/ wake-up phase during program completion, plus the 1 hour buffer;
RECOVER-MODE - Based upon the best of Eastern European and Soviet PEMF research, w/wake-up phase at timer's conclusion plus our new 1 hour 14.1 Hz buffer; for use when "POWER-NAPPING" or as an alternative SLEEP-MODE for athletes after strenuous physical activity (or injury); or for maximum ergogenic effect.
ALERT-MODE - To reduce physical and mental fatigue; use as EMF protection; for use in Recovery issues when RECOVER-MODE causes drowsiness;
MANUAL-FREQUENCY-MODE - Choose any frequency from .5 - 14.1 Hz for up to 12 hours for use as Schumann generator, meditation, sleep-experimentation w/ 1 hour buffer of 14.1 Hz as wake up phase;
ENTRAIN-UP - 1 hour session to expose system to entire frequency range; 9.6 Hz to 1 Hz to 14.1 Hz useful with neurological issues and for 30 minutes to 1 hour POWER-NAP;
ENTRAIN-DOWN - 1 hour session only. 9.6 Hz stepping down to 1 Hz over 1 hour then shuts down; for use when only wanting to use it to help you fall asleep.

These 10 programs, the new power-specs into our square waveform and the MODULAR-ELECTROMAGNET allow you an unusually wide variety of application techniques, in a small, yet powerful - portable system that lends itself well to just about any application or experimental technique yet fits in your brief-case or computer bag. We built our system to be compatible with this Voltaic systems magnetfor equine sports performance enhancement and longevity; and where portable power is required. Use this battery only at the 12 volt setting as waveform breaks down at more than volts.

EarthPulse Sleep on Command version 5 includes;

- 100-240 volt AC to 12 volt DC power supply;
- L-tipped power and magnet cable plugs to preserve plug life and improve transportability
- longer, softer cables
- Improved software functions
- upgraded electronic components
- US/EU plug adapter for international travel (other countries shipped standard at no extra charge),
- Soft, clear-side zippered travel case travels well through airports in carry on baggage.

The Sleep on Command sleep-machine combat effects of harmful high-frequency telecommunications fields during nighttime that are preventing us from achieving routinely deep sleep. It shields you from detrimental cellular effect of high frequency electromagnetic fields (EMF) at night and makes body FAR-more resilient to them during daytime.
The range of frequencies produced by these sleep machines are the same frequencies intended by nature to promote relaxation and deep sleep, but have unfortunately become background noise to man-made high frequency (unhealthy) power and telecommunications spectrum fields.
Our sleep machines mimic Mother Nature's naturally fluctuating magnetic fields providing their benefit to help us sleep deeper, recover faster and perform at levels not experienced for decades.

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