Buddha Maitreya the Christ Pyramid Grid - Medium
Buddha Maitreya the Christ Pyramid Grid - Medium
Medium Sized Grid shown with 24K Goldplated Buddha Maitreya the Christ Shambhala Solar Form Optional Upgrade

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Blessed by the healing transmission of Monadic, Soul-filled light of Buddha Maitreya the Christ.
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The Buddha Maitreya the Christ Pyramid Grid radiates the blessings of Buddha Maitreya the Christ which awakens the sacred geomancy of the form and transmits those blessings. Each grid is made of several Ascension Head Pyramids connected together in a grid formation. The grid amplifies the energy of blessings, creating a powerful healing field beneath.The Buddha Maitreya the Christ Pyramid Grid transmutes negativity and furthers self-healing and deep meditation by healing and revitalizing the Etheric Field, cleansing the aura. Designed to be hung from the ceiling, it radiates downward toward a bed, chair, work area or massage table.

For Sleeping & Self-Healing

Sounds, smells, memories of the day...all kinds of things affect the aura each day and it remains there at night, so placing a pyramid grid like this over your bed helps to clean up the aura. The energy of the bed and sleeping in the bed is irradiating, pulsing - the pyramid grid does not create octahedrons like a Soul TherapyMeditation Pyramid (which is enclosing energy) as there are too many pyramids connecting together. The grid creates a series of pyramids connecting very closely together with more pyramids on top that keep the octahedrons from manifesting. Because it is sitting in that position, the lower octahedron does not create a manifestation, it creates more pyramids and stabilizes it as irradiating energy. Attached to the grid can be flower remedies, gem essences, pictures of Christ or Saints - and all of this affects the dream state to align to the sacredness that is radiating out of the pyramid. It is not an intense process like being inside of the pyramid and it can be adjusted to move up or down to increase the radiation.

For Treatments & Healing

In a therapeutic setting, it can be placed on a pulley, with a central pulley controlling all the pyramids to move up and down - it works really well for therapy. If it is also connected to a Buddha Maitreya the Christ Metatron Mat then all of the energy of the pyramid grid is connected to the person lying on the mat. By suspending Buddha Maitreya the Christ Etheric Weavers from the pyramid grid, it is like receiving an etheric weaver treatment all night long or during an entire therapeutic treatment. A Buddha Maitreya the Christ Solar Cross can be added above the center of the Pyramid Grid for an enhanced effect.

For Maximum Benefit

In every house there is a copper rod going into the ground which is the grounding line for the house. The pyramid grid is most powerful if it is wired to this ground line. Aligning the grid due north is also helpful but is not fully necessary to receive the benefits of the grid. However, the pyramid grid does work best if it is aligned and connected to the ground line of the house via a Metatron�s Mat (i.e. the mat is connected to a earth grounding line and then other forms are connected to the mat) or alternatively, place a copper rod in the ground and wire it directly to the mat and then connect the grid. This is really powerful as it brings all of the earth�s magnetic flow through the mat. The very best effects are gained from sitting on a Metatron�s Mat and placing a half-size Metatron�s Mat at one�s feet, as it has been scientifically proven that the feet collect the earth�s energy which is why walking in bare foot on the ground has been shown to be extremely good for increased energy and eliminating many illnesses.

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5 of 5 "offered deep relaxation and profound healing" September 22, 2009
Reviewer: Carol L from Cottonwood, AZ  
Sleeping under a pyramid grid is so sweet.  The energy is gentle and soft.  It uplifts and relaxes.  I sleep so well.

I also hung a pyramid grid over my treatment table when I was a practitioner.  It was the same for my clients.  They immediately relaxed and felt “at home”.  They were easily offered deep relaxation and profound healing.

Thank you Buddha Maitreya for the life transforming blessings that radiate through your tools!

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