The Jesus Christ Logo

The Jesus Christ LogoThe Jesus Christ Logo is etched on all of the crystals used in the Shambhala Healing Tools. It is the symbol of the Reincarnation of Jesus Christ, Buddha Maitreya and Shambhala.

"The reason for the logo is Invocation. It is the symbol of the Reincarnated Jesus Christ and Shambhala. The circle and the dot is God. The 6 pointed star is Heaven and Earth, like the hierarchy and humanity blended as one, not separate. The Cross is the symbol of Jesus the Christ savior for everyone. The point of Light is the Soul within us all. The words 'Shambhala, Be Harmless' is the Initiate's path. Shambhala is the World governed by the Law of Love." Buddha Maitreya the reincarnation of Jesus Christ

Support the Work of the Lord - Make a Donation

Rebuilding villages in Nepal after the 2015 EarthquakesHelp support the charitable work and dharma activities of Buddha Maitreya, the reincarnation of Christ. He is the one incarnation of the Avatar who throughout time is always here to help and is personally responsible for the healing and evolution of humanity and the planet. Historically the incarnations of the Avatar have influenced humanity primarily after their passing. Their incarnations received very little support when they were alive. Today, with the internet and worldwide communication we are blessed to be able to participate and support the life and work of the Avatar at a much greater level. Please consider adding a donation to your order. Buddha Maitreya's charitable projects include the weekly support of several Tibetan Buddhist Monasteries in Tibet, India and Nepal; Free Clinics in Nepal; Local Food Charities and the completion of Buddha Maitreya's Shambhala Monastery & Planetary Healing Center. He has the ability to help heal the planet so much more but it is solely dependent on the support we give him. This is an opportunity to show our deep appreciation and gratitude for the many miracles and profound healings people experience daily with the tools. We are a registered a UK Registered Charity #1069944 and our sister organization is a 501c3 Nonprofit American Buddhist Monastery and your donation is tax-deductible. If you are an eligible taxpayer, please also consider signing a Gift Aid form for your donation. Click here to make a tax deductible donation.

Register for the Planetary Healing OM Pyramid Meditation

Don't miss the opportunity to attend the weekly OM Meditation & Dharma Teaching with Buddha Maitreya the Christ and Tara live online every Sunday (or receive a video replay the following week). A 2 hour live meditation event and dharma teaching. An opportunity from home to help Planetary and Personal Ascension and support Christ make this a more heavenly place for us all! Click here to Register Today.

Our Refund Policy

The Shambhala Healing & Meditations tools are handcrafted, customized and made to order and sold for fundraising purposes. As such they are bespoke items and we do not offer refunds, exchanges or cancellations on these items. This does not affect your stautory rights. Please email or call us on 01458 898221 if you have any issues or concerns with your order and we will do our best to help.

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